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it is a very powerful gas

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Q: How Can you survive the nuclear age?
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Will chickens survive a nuclear bomb?

Noboby can survive a nuclear bomb if he is within explosion distance.

Can a scorpian survive a nuclear explosion?

No cockroaches are one of the few organisms able to survive nuclear explosions. Scorpions cannot.

When was Survive - Nuclear Assault album - created?

Survive - Nuclear Assault album - was created on 1988-06-13.

Can twinkies survive a nuclear bomb if so why?

Yes. Twinkies can survive a nuke.

The virus can survive a nuclear war?

Some can.

Can a coconut survive a nuclear bomb?


How do oak trees survive the winter?

it does something to survive the winter

Was an atomic bomb the same as being in the nuclear age?

the atomic bomb was the means by which we entered the nuclear age. the atomic bomb is a tool, the nuclear age is a period of time.

Would lawyers survive a nuclear war?

Cockroaches would survive a nuclear war. Since lawyers are an even lower life-form they should too.

Will cockroaches ever survive a nuclear war?

they could survive the heat and radiation. but only if they survive the initial impact of the blast.

Is cockroach's the only thing that can survive a nuclear bomb?


What plants could survive a nuclear blast?


What insects can survive a nuclear blast?

A direct nuclear blast - nothing. However it is said that cockroaches would possibly survive radiation where other animals would be killed.

What did the people in the ice age do to survive?

The people hunter gathered to survive in the ice age.

Will a cockroach survive a nuclear explosion?

depends on where he is. just like it would depend on where you were whether you would survive or not.

Could houdiny survive being trapped inside a nuclear bomb?

Houdini couldn't survive an appendicitis.

Is the nuclear war really scary?

Yes. Everyone is very scared of the nuclear war, once the nuclear war have broken out no one will survive. Hope that the nuclear war will not happen.

Could dc survive a nuclear war?

posibly it depends

Can twinkies survive a nuclear bomb?

we may never know

What thing does Peter know can survive a nuclear blast?


Can you survive a can opener attack?

yes if you have a pet cockroach because they can survive any attack from a nuclear to a can opener attack

What major bombing did roaches survive?

It is a myth that roaches could survive a nuclear bomb. The heat would evaporate them.

What are the release dates for Nuclear Age - 2008?

Nuclear Age - 2008 was released on: USA: 17 February 2008

If you survive a nuclear bomb would there be mental side effects?


How can you survive a nuclear blast?

only by being far far away