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Q: How Did King Tutankhamen Die?
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What year did King Tutankhamen die?

King Tuthe died around 1323BC

When did King Tutankhamun die?

King Tutankhamen was born in 1341 B.C. He died In 1323.

Why did King Tutankhamen die?

King Tut died because of a leg infection and malarial dease

Where was the golden mask of King Tutankhamun found?

In King Tutankhamen's tomb. Howard Carter found it in King Tutankhamen's third coffin on King Tutankhamen's face.

How long was king tutankhamen pharaoh?

king Tutankhamen was pharaoh for about 9 years.

What was king Tutankhamen's mother's name?

Queen Nefertiti was King Tutankhamen's mother name.

What was King Tutankhamuns name that his dad gave him?


What is the king of blood name?

King Tutankhamen

Who robbed king tutankhamen's tomb?

No one robbed Tutankhamen's tomb

Was tut a pharaoh or a king?

King Tutankhamen was a pharaoh.

Where is King Tutankhamen now?

In a museum.

Who is Ankhasenamon?

She was King Tutankhamen's wife.

who was king Tutankhamen?

Akhenaten, his father.

Who was the most famous eygption king?

king tut (or king Tutankhamen)

How did Tutankhamen do his hair?

king tutankhamen never had hair it was all ways under his crown.

What was he hardest decision of King Tutankhamen's life?


What is King Tut's full name?


Who was king before Tutankhamen?

Akhenaten, his father.

What is King Tutankhamen known as?

suck my balls

What is King Tutankhamuns whole name?


Is King Tutankhamun a god?

No Tutankhamen was a Pharaoh.

What is King Tutankhamuns first name?


Who is tutankhamen's brother?

king tut did not have a brother

Who were King Tutankhamen's parents?

nobody knows

What was an Egyptian Boy King called?