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it is in the store some of them cost money some of them cost free it's a store in psp

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Q: How Do You Download PSP Backgrounds?
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How do you download backgrounds for your PSP?

You find them online.

How do you download songs on your PSP?

to download songs on your psp you connect it to a pc,psp

Where can one download photographic backgrounds?

There are a number of websites that allow one to download photographic backgrounds. One can get such backgrounds from 'iTunes', 'Softonic' and 'Shutterstock'.

What web can you get a download in your psp?

only a spider web can get a download in a psp

Where can one download a dark blue background?

Dark blue backgrounds are available for download all over the place. For instance, Internet Backgrounds offers hundreds of these backgrounds for download, as do other websites.

Where can one download PSP demos?

PSP demos can be downloaded through the store on your PSP or you can download it on our computer than transfer the game onto your PSP. You can also download it through a website on your PSP.

Can you download a game on your PSP by installing it from your computer onto your PSP?

No, you download them straight from the PSN using the PSP.

Where to download for free frames and backgrounds collections?

i know for a fact that you can download apps on iPod touches that have free backgrounds

Where to download burnout paradise for PSP?

it is not on the psp

Where can you download stuff to your PSP from your PSP?


Download PSP games to PSP?

You can purchase and download games from the PlayStation Network, accessed from the PSP's menu bar.

Where can you download games on your PSP?

You can download games for your PSP in PlayStation Network. It will be in the internet section of your psp if you have Official Firmware.

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