How Fast are Hover Shoes?

Updated: 11/2/2022
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They will get you to Narnia and back within an hour although the exit may be time consuming to find.

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Q: How Fast are Hover Shoes?
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How can you make hover boots?

go to youtube and type in household haker hover shoes

Is a hover shoes work?

Hover shoes absolutely work. You just need to buy 100 lbs magnets to get them to work, and the top of the line Nike shoes, or else, it work no.

Are the hover shoes able to walk in road?

Well...I guess not since they hover... Unless you turn them off ^_^

What kind of wheelchair go's fast?

One with a motor. Have you not seen the commercials for 'Hover-Round'?

Can sonic run fast without his shoes?

Well he's probally fast with is shoes on but i think he is without them

Are hover shoes real?

it all depends on what YOU think. you can look it up on Google or youtube but you only can believe what you see

Who was the first person to invent hover shoes?

it was lost in time but the first successful person was named Gerardus Mercator

What is the list of vehicles that start with hover?

The list of vehicles that start with hover are: Hover ambulance Hover bike Hover bus Hover car Hover delivery truck Hover fire truck Hover garbage truck Hover ice cream van Hover jeep Hover limousine Hover mail truck Hover motorcycle Hover pickup truck Hover police bus Hover police car Hover school bus Hover taxi Hover train Hover truck and countless others

How do you make hover shoes?

Just buy a magnet in wallmart and wire.and the most,old shoes.if you want to buy one

How Fast is Shadow the Hedgehog?


What is hover the collective noun for?

The collective noun 'hover' is used for a hover of trout, a hover of crows, a hover of hummingbirds, and a hover of helicopters.

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The fastest can go up to 735 mph(depending on type of harrier), and the slowest it can do is a mere hover.