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Q: How I can clear history in Skype for Windows 10. There is no Tools button on menu bar?
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How can you remove the Conversations History on Skype?

Tools > Options > IM & SMS > IM settings You should be able to remove the Conversation History either by changing "Keep History for XY" to "no history" or by pressing the "clear history" - button

How are the windows tools accessed in Windows 8?

Windows 8 allows the accessibility of the most commonly used tools right from the sign-in screen. There is a Windows logo button that one presses to maneuver around the entire device.

How do you clear all history in Skype?

You cannot clear history on the mobile version but on the computer, go to the tools at the top then click options. after that click privacy then clear history. Hoped this helped

How do you partially erase browsing history?

how do you erase your history completely on you computer? At the top of the screen will be a 'tools' button. You will find a button there called 'Delete Browsing History'. That is what you want. There is no way to 'partially' do it.

How do you get back the folder options in windows on windows xp without going to the regedit?

Click on Tools then Folder Options. Then click on 'Restore Defaults' button.

Deleting search history from drop-down bar?

go into your tools and there should be a button that says delete browsing history

How do you get Skype to stop signing me out?

sign in ur skype account. go to 'options' in top bar of the window then click on the 'tools' in the drop down menu. a window will be opened. in that window uncheck the box of 'Start skype automatically whenever i log on to computer' preass save/apply button. and it done !

How do you delete searches on this website?

WikiAnswers does not make separate search entries on your browser, but your browser history will contain all sites and searches unless you delete them. To delete history in Windows, you use your Internet Options page. To delete history in Google Chrome, select history from Tools, Edit Items (upper right) and the Clear All Data button.

Will Skype 3.8 support video?

Yes, if you can't find it, go to Skype--> Tools--> Options--> General--> Video Settings then enable the "Enable Skype Video" check box.

Where ismy tools button for window 8 IE?

The tools button is the settings icon. It contains the tools option inside it.

When was Windows Support Tools created?

Windows Support Tools was created on 2003-04-24.

Where did your file tools history option goon your browser page?

this maybe hard to answer but,go to Start button on PC and then go to computer settings, hiyt history and control panel.