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Q: How Kalahari people are able to hunt cheetah?
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How do Kalahari people in Africa hunt cheetah?

shoot it

How the people of Kalahari hunt cheetah?

They do not. First off, the cheetah is a protected animal so to kill it would be a crime. Secondly, Cheetah's are far faster than any human being so to hunt one you would need a vehicle.

How do Kalahari people hunt cheetah?

They don't. First of all, you'd have to catch one.[ fastest land mammals ] And predators are notoriously bad tasting.

Who are the cheetah people?

The cheetah peopple are people who are all about cheetahs, or hunt them.

What is the chance that a cheetah will succeed in a hunt?

The chance of a cheetah succeeding in a hunt is about 30%.

Who hunt a cheetah?

Lions, leopards and hyenas will hunt and kill cheetah cubs.

Does a cheetah cub learn to hunt?

Yes, the mother cheetah teaches her cubs to hunt.

Why do you think a cheetah's speed is an advantage to the animal?

A Cheetah's speed affects its ability to hunt. The faster the Cheetah, the more likely it will be able to catch its prey, thus the advantage in its speed comes to fruition.

What hunts the cheetah?

Nothing Hunts the Cheetah

What are three verbs for a cheetah?

Run, hunt and kill.

When does the cheetah hunt?

During the day.

What is the difference of the geographical conditions of Singapore and Kalahari Desert?

People living in kalahari desert need to hunt for food.They used poison-tipped arrows and spears to hunt the animals.They need to cover many distances away as the kalahari desert are hardly to find the prey under the extremely hot sun.While people in Singapore just need to buy whatever they need.

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