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Lady GaGa second single Poker Face sold 10,708,000 World Wide!

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18,889,456 Hits Of Poker Face -Lady Gaga

Poker Face was written by Lady Gaga and RedOne.

The Lady Gaga song "Poker Face" was composed by Lady Gaga and RedOne, a Moroccan-born Moroccan-Swedish producer.

Background vocals were done by Lady Gaga and RedOne

It was not poker face it was My name is Lady Gaga.

because you cant read her poker face

poker face poker face is the best song ever.

a sucky lady gaga song WRONG^ Lady gaga madee a great hit. ;)

poker face poke her face lol

Lady Gaga. on the album 'The Fame'.

poker face by lady gaga

lady gaga sings that song poker face on the radio

if you go on youtube and you tip poker face you can try finding it out

If you mean Lady Gaga, then it is the song "Poker Face".

She's lady gaga. No one knows.

She was about 24 years old.

poker face wit my stick

The song Poker Face by Lady Gaga has been released on September 23, 2008.

Poker Face the song by Lady Gaga came out in 2008, seems like just yesterday!

I think she did That's clever isn't it !!