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How Much Do Criminal Lawyers Make?


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they make 500,000,000 million.

a criminal lawyer gets paid as much as $ 5,000 and up depending on their case so criminal lawyers get paid a huge bunddle !!

lawyers make about 124,750 a yearLawyers make an average of this much a year.

How much does a lawyer in criminal law get paid?

criminal defense attorneysCriminal lawyers or attorneys

Looking for a criminal lawyer? If yes, then visit once the Free Lawyer website and see more info there about the criminal lawyers. You can hire their criminal lawyer at cheaper rates.

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Try this website: LawyerChoice There's a page with listings of criminal lawyers.

Lawyers make too much money off of their clients.

There are many criminal lawyers in Chatham, Ontario. Examples of names of some criminal lawyers in Chatham, Ontario includes Patrick Ducharme, Micheal A. Rataj, and Jeffrey Rehner.

Top criminal lawyers in the city of Tucson, Arizona are Janet Altschuler and Kevin Oursland. Some other lawyers who specialize in criminal defense are Natasha Wrae and Ryan W. Redmon.

A criminal lawyer. Some very good criminal lawyers get paid 1.5 million pounds/dollars in a year! But all lawyers get pretty good pay.

Self-employed professionals set their own rates.

There are family lawyers, real-estate lawyers, criminal lawyers, corporate lawyers, divorce lawyers, accident lawyers, debt settlement lawyers, Personal Injury lawyers, Bankkruptcy lawyers, Traffic lawyers, and Immigration lawyers.

All law schools teach criminal law.

No criminal lawyers r not paid too much unless nd until they have created a firm position for themselves in field of law..... they have to establish themselves as intelligent nd capable lawyers then nd there they cn earn more until then slogging is required in law......

You can find best lawyers in Chandigarh at Optimus Legal solutions. Here available all type of lawyers - Marriage lawyers in Chandigarh, divorce lawyers, Criminal lawyers, Cyber lawyers.

lawyers in Georgia make around 100,000 to 300,000 a year because of the crime rate

Criminal lawyers work for the state as prosecutors and public defenders, they work for private firms, or they work for themselves as solo practitioners.

You can review and compare potential criminal lawyers in Phoenix at Another good site is

well all lawyers make good money but the most highest paid lawyer is a patent lawyer or maybe a corporate lawyer and even criminal lawyers make good money.But the lawyer that gets paid the most is a patent lawyer but i think patent law is very boring so i think the best type of law is corporate and corporate lawyers make good money but again criminal lawyer also make good money and criminal law is very intresting but still to answer your question i think patent lawyers make the most money but that type of law is pretty boring so i would go for corporate lawyer or criminal .

I would think criminals.

Corporate, Criminal, Patent

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