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It depends on whether you attend a community college or a private school. Tuition to a school can be from $8,000 to $12,00.

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Q: How Much does Collage cost To Be A Massage Therapist?
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How much does it cost per hour for a massage therapist in Tucson, AZ?

The cost of a massage therapist depends of the type of massage that you are getting. The cost also varies with every business location. However, the average cost per hour for a massage therapist in Tucson, AZ is around $85.

What is the general cost of massage therapy?

The cost of massage therapy varies according to geographic location, experience of the massage therapist, and length of the massage.

How much money do massage therapist get everyday?

It depends if the therapist is an independent contractor or spa/clinic employee. 30% (+tips) is average when working at an establishment and the cost of the massage (-supplies) when working independently. So, as you can see, it varies greatly.

Why does massage therapy in the home cost more?

Massage therapy sessions at a client's home or office may cost more due to travel time for the massage therapist.

How much is nuga best massage bed cost?

How much is nuga best massage bed cost?Read more:How_much_is_nuga_best_massage_bed_cost

How much does a massage therapist make in Hawaii?

in Hawaii it's between $13 to $16 an hour, After calculating the cost of living in Hawaii it's about $4.00 an hour, Hawaii's for the rich folks.

How much does a shoulder massage cost?


How much does an Asian massage cost?


What is the financial gain for a massage thearapist compared to the educational cost?

The starting median pay for a message therapist is $9.00 an hour, after 20 years experience you can earn as much as $72.00 an hour. The education cost can range between $1,000. and $10,000.

How much does a professional massage cost?

Professional massages cost about $60 for one hour and upwards. It depends on where you live, what type of massage you'd like, and what environment you choose; a spa, gym, doctor's office, your own home, etc. You generally pay more at a spa due to the overhead, and a lower rate at a Dr. or Chiropractic office, where the rent is shared and massage is an adjunct to other health care. It can be as little as $30/hour and as much as $150/hour, and even higher. The best value may be to go to an massage therapist who is in private practice. Therapists in private practice base their rates on the cost of living in their area. Another option is to see if there is a massage therapy school near you. They usually offer student massages in their student therapist clinics which are supervised by an instructor. These can sometimes be as good, and sometimes better, than a professional massage for about half the price.

How much do massage courses cost?

Massage courses differ on which massage one gets. There are many types of massages such as foot massage, body massage, back massage, neck massage, and oil massage.

How much does it cost for college for DNR?

It depends on the collage your planning on going to.