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Which one? Sears sold a lot of different guns with Ted's name on them from 1961 to sometime in the 1980's. A semi-automatic will bring a lot more than a bolt action or a pump. There should be a Sears model number (usually 3 digits, a period, and 1 or more additional digits) that can usually be cross-referenced to a manufacturer's model.

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Q: How Much does a Ted Williams shot gun cost?
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Laurona shot guns by Ted Williams?

Ted Williams was the store brand name used by Sears. Laurona made the shotgun for Sears and stamped it Ted Williams for the.

What is the value of a ted Williams 12 gauge single shot?

The value of a Ted Williams 12 gauge single shot, shot gun is determined by the condition it's in. If in excellent condition this gun may be worth up to 400 dollars.

Who Manufactured Ted Williams 200 shot Gun?

Winchester Winchester

What is Ted Williams Baseball Glove worth?

Not very much. "Ted Williams" was Sears' private-label sporting goods brand. There were Ted Williams baseball articles, Ted Williams tents, even Ted Williams outboard motors. This stuff was very popular and sold in the millions. The good part is, Ted didn't endorse junk. Ted Williams sporting goods were high quality and reliable.

What is the value of a Ted Williams 20 Ga single shot?

50-100 USD

What is the value of a photograph signed by ted Williams?

how much is an autographed picture of ted Williams in his usmc fighter jet

What is the value of a Ted Williams auto 12 gauge shot gun?

100-300 USD

How much are ted Williams post cards?


What is the value of your 21 12 gauge sears ted-williams shot gun?

50-150 USD

Value of the ted Williams model 340530430 single shot lever action rifle?

50-180 USD

Where can you buy a Ted Williams shot gun?

Internet auctions, gun shows, gun shops, want ads.

When was Ted Williams born?

Ted Williams was born on August 30, 1918.

Who was Ted Williams married to?

Ted Williams was married to Lee Howard... they were divorced

What is Ted Williams's birthday?

Ted Williams was born on August 30, 1918.

When was Ted Williams Tunnel created?

Ted Williams Tunnel was created in 1995.

Who made the Ted Williams 410 ga shot gun model 282510840?

Ted Williams shotguns were made by Ithaca and sold thru Sears. Some of this model were made by Bolito of Brazil and will have "Brazil" stamped on the receiver.

What is Ted Williams home town?

Ted Williams was born in San Diego, California.

What was Ted Williams' height?

Ted Williams was 6' 3" tall.

What is the value of a ted Williams 22 model 340.530430 never been shot still in the box?

100 USD or so

Did ted Williams play for New York Yankees?

No. Ted Williams did not play for the New York Yankees. Ted Williams played his entire career for the Boston Red Sox.

When did Ted Williams die?

Ted Williams died on July 5, 2002 at the age of 83.

What was the most RBI's Ted Williams had in one season?

Ted Williams had 159 RBI's in 1949.

When did sears sale ted Williams rifles?

Started selling Ted Williams firearms in 1961

How did Ted Williams get his nickname?

he joined the baseball team ''yankees'' and everyone named him Ted Williams.

How much to restore ted Williams 100 30-30?

Only a qualified gunsmith would be able to quote you a price for the work required to restore your Ted Williams(sears) rifle.