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How Much is a careless operation ticket in Louisiana?


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2008-02-01 21:33:41
2008-02-01 21:33:41

I just paid $199 for mine.

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The price of a ticket for careless operation in South Carolina varies between cities and counties. Generally they cost between $250 and $300.

The price of a careless operation ticket in South Carolina well for me was 256, and I was the best dressed there. If your lucky and have a fair judge maybe it will be lower.

how much is a greyhound bus ticket from atlanta ga to hammond louisiana

The fine to be paid for a careless driving ticket in Arkansas is going to depend on what the careless driving specifically was. If it was for racing, the fine can be quite costly. Each jurisdiction also adds their own costs, like court fees, etc.

how much is a bus ticket from lafayette LA to Arkansas

how much will a speeding ticket cost in Louisiana for doing 81 mph in a 60 mph zone

A speeding ticket in the state of Georgia for 30 miles over the speed limit will cost $195. If the ticket is written for careless or reckless driving it will cost more.

around $350 (if i remember right. that or 135 but i doubt that).. trust me.. dont get one.

Depending on the fare type selected a one-way bus ticket from McAllen, TX to Louisiana will cost $111.35 - $148.00.

Ticket prices are set out by individual companies. What bus company/operation are you referring to?

In the state of Louisiana, the fine for an open container is $100. This applies to both drivers and passengers in moving vehicles.

it depends what time of the year you want to buy them.

As of 4/29/13 a ticket for expired tag is $159 in Shreveport, LA and expired inspection sticker is $50.

Municipalities differ. I know that police officers are discouraged from quoting how much certain citations may cost. Call the city where you were cited and they can help.

In NJ, a careless driving ticket where there is no physical injury carries a fine of $85.00 if a court appearance is optional and the driver pleads guilty without a hearing. For a conviction after a hearing the penalty is a fine of between $50 and $200 or up to 15 days imprisonment or both. In addition, the driver is assessed two points.

Depending on the fare type selected, a one-way Adult ticket from Louisiana to Chicago will cost approximately $130.05 - $172.00.

A Greyhound bus ticket from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Tupelo, Mississippi will cost $98.50 if traveling on 2/17/2015. Prices may vary depending on date and time of travel.

It depends on the county or city that you got the ticket. It would cost you $143 in Shreveport and $282 in New Orleans.

Bus pass ticket prices in Ontario are up to the Transit Operation issuing the passes.

It doesn't matter how long the trip is in relation to a round-trip fare... But, a ticket price cannot be estimated if there is NO departure city as a reference. Where is are you departing from for the trip to Louisiana??

$45 in louisiana but also depending upon if you have had some recently in the past cause they increase as you get more. By Douglas Bounty.

If you are traveling on Saturday, 2/21/2015, the cost of a Greyhound bus ticket from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Tupelo, Mississippi will be $65.00. Cost of tickets vary depending on dates and times that you choose to travel.

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