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3h2+n2 ---> 2nh3

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Q: How Nitrogen trihydride and hydrogen chloride react to produced ammonium chloride?
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What elements make ammonium chloride?

Ammonium chloride is made up of nitrogen, hydrogen and chlorine.

What elements does ammonium chloride have?

Nitrogen Hydrogen and Chlorine

Is ammonium chloride magnetic?

No, ammonium chloride is not magnetic. It will not be attracted to magnets. Ammonium chloride is made up of the elements nitrogen, hydrogen and chlorine.

What is the compound containing Nitrogen and Hydrogen?

There are many compounds containing Nitrogen and Hydrogen like Ammonia, Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium Hydroxide etc.

What is the element found in the ammonium chloride?

Well, there are a few elements in ammonium chloride: NH4Cl * Nitrogen * Hydrogen * Chlorine

What elements found in ammonium chloride?

Nitrogen, hydrogen and chlorine.

Is ammonium chloride an element?

no, it is two elements that are combined into a compound. look at the name. ammonium which is nitrogen and 3 hydrogen combined. and chloride which is the element chlorine.

What are the bondings in ammonium chloride?

The formula for ammonium chloride is NH4Cl. The bond between the ammonium ion (NH4Cl+) and the chloride ion(Cl-) is ionic and ammonium chloride is an ionic compound. However, the bonds between the nitrogen and hydrogen atoms in the polyatomic ion NH4+ are covalent.

How many atoms in ammonium chloride?

Six: NH4Cl contains 4 hydrogen, 1 nitrogen an 1 chlorine atom.

Does ammonia react with hydrogen chloride?

Yes. Ammonia reacts with hydrogen chloride to produce ammonium chloride. NH3 + HCl --> NH4Cl

What is the balanced equation for nitrogen plus hydrogen -- nitrogen trihydride?

The compound which you call nitrogen trihydride is much better known as ammonia, and the formula is NH3.

What happens when hydrogen chloride is passed into ammonia?

ammonium chloride can form NH3. It form when it is heating.