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NOT reliable at all!

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Q: How Reliable is the Rhythm Method of birth control?
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Birth control patch or rhythm method?

The 'rhythm method' is not safe sex or effective as a birth control.

Can you use birth control pills and the rhythm method at the same time?

The birth control pill is meant to prevent ovulation. If ovulation occurs, the timing will be unpredictable, making the rhythm method useless.

What are a couple who practice the rhythm method of birth control called?

Many couples are using Natural Methods of Contraception including rhythm method.

Do Amish use birth control?

Most Amish will not use any form of birth control. Others will use the rhythm method.

Is the pull-out method a fertility method?

Yes, since pulling out is NOT a reliable form of birth control!

How is the rhythm method if you have been irregular period?

Forget it! It's NOT an effective form of birth control!

What birth control is behavioral?

There are a few different behavioral methods of birth control. Three examples are coitus interruptus, the rhythm method or "fertility awareness," and abstinence. Coitus interruptus has a variable reliability, the rhythm method is better, but abstinence, where possible, is 100% effective. Some experts do not consider abstinence birth control, and some do not consider coitus interruptus birth control.

What was the first form of birth control?

the first form was either in a shot or a pill back in the 1960's. The first form of birth control was the rhythm method. This is the method prefered by the Catholic Church.

Why is using the rhythm method alone not a reliable method of birth control?

Because before a man ejaculates, he secretes pre-ejaculation fluid which he cannot feel. That fluid contains sperm. Also because not every womens cycle is always regular.

Is the patch the best birth control method?

There is no single "best birth control method." Women have different needs, insurance coverage issues, and preferences. The patch is useful for women who want a reliable method that doesn't require daily activity.

What is rhythm family planning method and how to do it?

You have to be trained by your doctor, and it's the best method for married couples whose religious beliefs don't allow birth control.

Should you take a pregnancy test after in and out?

If your period is 5 days late, then yes. In-and-out is not a reliable birth control method.

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