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Forget it! It's NOT an effective form of Birth Control!

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Q: How is the rhythm method if you have been irregular period?
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Why doesn't the rhythm method work?

Women have been known to get pregnant at ALL times of the month.

Is it normal that i haven't gotten my period for 2 months?

if you are just started to get your period yes it is normal to be irregular. but if you have been having your period this is not normal at all.

After a laparscopy in February you have been having your period every 6 weeks is this normal?

It can cause irregular periods.

After my period i stopped using the nuva ring its been 5 weeks and haven't had another period is this normal?

Yes, the next period typically comes in 4-6 weeks if your period was regular prior to using Nuva Ring. If your period was irregular before Nuva Ring, it is likely to return to its prior irregular habit.

How long does My irregular period last?

could last up to 8 days if your like me, but that's been the longest for me!

Can you still be pregnant if you are on your period?

yes, its possible that you can be if your periods has always been irregular they often still longer if you but that's how you know.

Is been a irregular verbs?

The verb "to be" is an irregular verb.

You are a teenager and you have irregular periods why?

If a teenager started her period at the age of 13 but has been irregualr since. Presently she has not gotten her period for the past 4 months. Is this normal and what is the cause?

Can your period go from regular to irregular?

i have been starting every month on or before the 14th than this month i haven't started yet and it is the 14th could it be I'm pregnant or that I'm just irregular.

Can you get pregnant if your period is irregular and been a month and two weeks?

Yes. It is possible to ovulate and not have a period. If you feel you may be pregnant take a home pregnancy test or visit your dr.

Does everyone get implantation bleeding?

I have irregular periods they come every forty days its been three weeks after my period and I have dark spotting my period is in about two weeks from now my last period began on January 6th

What if you been on birth control for 9 months and you never had a irregular period but now all of sudden this month you had an irregular period should you take a pregnancy test?

It couldn't hurt to take a pregnancy test and it will put your mind at ease. Maybe you are not pregnant and you accidentally missed a pill.

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