How Theo theodorakis connected to Mr westing?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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In the book The Westing Game what special talent did Theo possess

Why was Doug Hoo stationed outside the Westing house

In the Westing game what did turtle encounter upon entering the house

What is a way social climber can be used in a sentence

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Q: How Theo theodorakis connected to Mr westing?
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Where does the first bomb take place in the westing game?

In the Theodorakis coffee shop in their kitchen.

The Westing Game who knew about chess?

Theo did, and turtle, theo was playing against Sandy aka (mr. westing)

Westing game what conclusion did the judge reach concrning Mr and Mrs Theodorakis?


Who did Chris see limping into the westing house on Halloween?

Chris Theodorakis saw Dr. Sikes, Mr. Westing's old friend/partner.

In the westing game who had a child?

-Grace & Jake -Jame Shin Hoo-Flora Baumbach-Berthe Erica Crow & Sam Westing-Mrs.&Mr. Theodorakis

Who did Theo find out he had been playing chess with in the Westing Game?

mr hoo

Who were the heirs in The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin?

Turtle wexler angela wexler jake wexler grace wexler Crow Otis amber sandy mcsouthers mr hoo Doug hoo theo Theodorakis Christos Theodorakis Denton Deere sydelle Pulaski flora baumbach sun Lin hoo and judge ford

How is Judge ford connected to mr westing?

The judges mom was westings servant and she played chess with mr westing

What familys are in the westing game?

There are the Wexlers, Denton Deere, the Theodorakis', the Hoo's, Sydelle Pulaski, Berthe Crow, Sandy McSouthers, Flora Baumbach, Mr. Westing's family (him, his dead daughter, and ex-wife), and Barny Northrup. Those are the main people in The Westing Game. the question asked for "families" (even though it is misspelled), not main characters. it would be Wexler, Theodorakis, Hoo, and Westing (including all the aliases).

About the characters in the Westing Game?

The Characters descriptions are on these pages...Sydelle Pulaski-15,4 Mrs Wexler-3,10 Turtle Wexler-6 Otis Amber-6 Sandy McSouthers-7,13 Doug Hoo-7 Theo Theodorakis-7,14 Chris Theodorakis-8,9,14 Angela Wexler-9,10 Flora Baumbach-9,10 Crow-11 Jake Wexler-11 Mr. Hoo-12 Judge J.J. Ford-13,14 Sam Westing-18 Ms. Hoo- none Barney Northup-1,2,3,4

Who were the only people to order down in the book the westing game?

the only people to order down were Mr. and Mrs. Theodorakis. the answer is in the book. (page 73, 2nd paragraph)

Who was the heir in the westing game?

There are sixteen heirs. Turtle Wexler, Angela Wexler, Mrs. Grace Windkloppel Wexler, Dr. Jake Wexler, Dr. Denton Deere, Theo Theodorakis, Chris Theodorakis, Sandy McSouthers, Otis Amber, Berthe Erica Crow, Sydelle Pulaski, Flora Baumbach, Mr. James Shin Hoo, Madame Madame Sun Lin Hoo, and Doug Hoo Sorry. The final heir was Turtle Wexler.