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Buying Zynga Poker chips from anywhere other than

Zynga is a direct violation of the games Terms of Service.

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โˆ™ 2010-07-24 10:45:43
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Q: How To Buy Zynga Poker Chips?
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Is there free 50 million poker chips on Zynga poker?

free chip 50Milionii zynga poker NO

Can you trade Zynga cityville money for zynga poker chips?


How do you get free 10000000 chips on Zynga poker on facebook?

Helou chipsy please zynga poker

How do you get free chips for Zynga poker?

You can download and install the Zynga Game Bar, which lets you collect free poker chips every eight hours.

Can you trade gold for chips in Zynga poker?


How do you get vip table in zynga poker?

To get VIP status on Zynga to play VIP tables, You will have to purchase it from Zynga with real money. Or, you can spend 1,000,000 in player poker chips.

How did you get vip beside your name on Zynga poker?

invite 5 people or buy chips or pay 1 mil

How do you get free poker chips from iPhone on Zynga?


Where is the cheapest place to buy Zynga poker chips for myspace?

From the few remaining resellers, I think that is the cheapest.

Who has the highest chips level in Zynga poker?

Bill gates

Who has the most poker chips in Zynga poker?

"Simon Lee" Currently is the top leader racking a total of 3.9trillion Chips. He is currently the leader.

How can you use facebook credit towards Zynga poker chips?

zynga doesn't accept facebook credits directly

Free Zynga Texas holdem chips?

You can download and install the Zynga Game Bar, which lets you collect free poker chips every eight hours. or you can come to this site: to get free Zynga Game cards for your chips

How do you steal someone chips on Facebook Zynga poker?

10 biilion

What store can you buy poker chips?

Poker chips if you are looking for zynga poker chips for facebook myspace high 5 bebo tagged can be purchased online, they are good and if you buy by paypal he gives even better deals than whts on the site please contact them and you will see they are on and off all different times if oyu buy when they are off line on the site you get 10 percent free chips and they are always on with in an hour or 2 of getting off

How do you get Zynga Texas hold-em poker bot for free?

There is ways, But zynga would catch on eventually and take the chips won. The bots that are on zynga, are ran by zynga, they give you cards to lose on, so you buy more and more and more, then get conned by the're bots again.

How do you get free poker chips for Zynga txas hold em o Facebook?


Facebook pathwords cheat?

how to hack 1 billion zynga poker chips on facebook ?

How do you hack someones poker chips?

how can i protect my zynga account 1 time hack

How get chips Zynga one billion free?

Get 216 Million Chips on Zynga Poker Now! Just Follow This Steps!

Why wont Zynga poker wont let your buddies send you chips on Facebook?

just for fun

What does share bonus mean in zynga poker?

sharing a bonus on zynga poker posts a message on your wall and people can click claim bonus and it gives them a few bonus chips on your behalf, but it wont deduct from your chip stack :)

Want to buy Facebook poker chips?

Zynga Poker Chips 1b=135 usd Money Transfer Western union/Moneygram/liberty Reserve Minimum sale 1b call/sms:+8801965904303

What is a buy-in in poker?

A buy-in is the amount of money you use to buy poker chips with.

How do you gift poker chips on Zynga?

first you have to click on the buddy menu then click send chips then the amount any other way could get you banned