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Well he was The Karate Kid in Karate Kid!!


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Yes. He is a famous actor and son of Will Smith.

Willow Smith is famous because she has a her own song. Jaden Smith is famous because he is in a movie and because he is in a song with Justin Bieber which means that they are both famous.

no. because HE is Will Smith's SON! and he is talented, he can rap, act, perform, does karate and can REALLY dance, i mean good!

Jaden Smith is an american actor and rapper. He is the son of the famous actor Will Smith. He has Gmail but it is not released in public.

jaden smith became famous because of his dad will smith and his mother Jada smith.his mother and father were actors and made him famous because of his mom and dad

no jaden smith is the son of will smith

John Smith was famous because of his interaction with North American natives. He was famous for his positive interactions with these people.

Famous because: son of Indira, grandson of Nehru and was PM of IndiaRajib wasv famous, because he was the son of Indira Gandhi and grand son of Jawaharalal Nehru

Trey Smith is the brother of famous Willow Smith and Jaden Smith. He is also the son of Will and Jada Smith. :)Love goes around once when it comes TAKE IT!

From her dad because her dad and her family are famous

because will smith is an excellent actor and he acts in lots of movies

Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith.

She got famous because her dad was a famous goof ball.

Because of her famous family, (Will Smith, Jayden Smith, ) She just goes with the flow!

Willow mostly got famous because her dad is will smith. She also got famous because she is somewhat talented

jaden smith is the son of will smith every body knows that

Will Smith has starred in a couple movies with his children. His daughter Willow Smith, now 10, starred in I am Legend with her father in 2007. His son Jaden Smith also starred in a movie with their famous father, Will Smith. Jaden was cast in Pursuit of Happyness and ironically played the role of Will Smith's character's son. Will Smith's other son (Jaden and Willow's half-brother), Trey Smith, was also in the famous dad's music video Just the Two of Us.

because her mom and dad r famous daaa

Will Smith because he black and awesome and he will slap you to next tuesday

He got famous because his dad is Will smith. He's an all-rounder. He raps, he acts, he dances really well, and he does Karate.

yes Willow Smith is famous because he parents are very rich and she is rich too cause of the song "whip my hair'

Yes he is the son of Will Smith. Also his birthday is on July 8, 1998

Because her dad and Jaden are famous. She really isn't a good singer.

Let's put it this way - it certainly didn't hurt.

jaden smith could like anybody even yourself and anyone u no because jaden smith is rich and famous does NT mean he will pick someone famous

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