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they were tough competition ;)

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Q: How William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe were enemies?
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Why did shakespeare feel guity for the death of Christopher marlowe?

You must mean in the movie Shakespeare in Love, where Shakespeare has given the false name "Christopher Marlowe" and believes that his (Shakespeare's) enemies have killed Marlowe by mistake. This is an entirely fictional story for which there is no basis in fact.

Why were Christopher marlowe and Shakespeare enemies?

William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe were not enemies. Although they were the same age, Marlowe was a bit of a child prodigy and had written all of his plays before his untimely death in 1593 at the age of only twenty-nine. At that time, Shakespeare had only started writing plays and had only produced his earliest attempts. This was before the formation of The Lord Chamberlain's Men, and Shakespeare does not appear to have been clearly attached to any company. At that time it was the custom for newer playwrights to get help from other playwrights. Playwrights co-operated and collaborated and only very rarely got mad at each other. Shakespeare may well have got help from Marlowe, as well as other playwrights like George Peele. Certainly Shakespeare held Marlowe in highest esteem; he even quotes Marlowe as a homage in As You Like It.

Why did William Shakespeare enemies hate him?

There is no record that Shakespeare had enemies. As far as we can tell, he was very easy to get along with, in contrast with his cantankerous contemporaries Ben Jonson and Christopher Marlowe. The only ill-will that was ever shown to him was when Robert Greene called him an "upstart crow", but when Greene wrote this he was disappointed, bankrupt, embittered and dying. His crabby remarks were due to his own situation not to Shakespeare.

One of Shakespeare's bitter enemies was?

Shakespeare did not have any bitter enemies, least of all his fellow playwrights such as Christopher Marlowe or Ben Jonson. Jonson, we know, was a friend and admirer of Shakespeare. Because Marlowe died so early in his career and before Shakespeare really got going, Marlowe didn't have much to say about Shakespeare, but Shakespeare admired Marlowe and included homages to him in his own plays. Playwrights of that time often worked together on plays, and we know that Shakespeare collaborated with John Fletcher late in his career, and many believe he also collaborated with George Poole on some of his early plays. The closest we hear from any of his contemporaries about anyone disliking Shakespeare in any way was Greene in his 1592 pamphlet Groatsworth of Wit, who talked about Shakespeare in rather unflattering terms (calling him an "upstart crow" for example) because Shakespeare did not have a university education like most of the playwrights of that time.

Why did William Shakespeare have enemies?

People like Robert Greene, for example, were jealous of Shakespeare's talent and success.

Who was Shakespeare's worst enemy?

Shakespeare had no enemies that we know of.

Did christopher Columbus have any enemies?

yes in fact he did have enemies

Did Shakespeare have any enemies?

Robert Greene

Why did William Shakespeare's enemies hate him?

According to what we know, Shakespeare was very easy to get along with and had no enemies, unless you count Robert Greene's spleen-filled remarks about an "upstart crow". But Greene was a sick, dying, embittered and jealous man at the time he wrote that. If Shakespeare did have an enemy, and we have no reason to think so, that enemy would have hated Shakespeare for whatever reason made him an enemy. Which answer, you will notice, tells you absolutely nothing.

Did William Taft have enemies?

yes his enemies were the democratic party

In Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet what is the relationship of Abraham to Sampson?


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