How a Scientific method and its difference between general approach?

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it approaches by beacuase general is talking about how it works and the scientific method talks about what it is and how it woks and the way to do it the scientific method explains the way how scientist do things
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Difference between strategy and approach?

A strategy is an overall plan for a battle or a war, hence any complicated undertaking. An approach is a method for getting started dealing with the complications.

What are the different scientific method?

The principles and empirical processes of discovery and demonstration considered characteristic of or necessary for scientific investigation, generally involving the observation of phenomena, the formulation of a hypothesis concerning the phenomena, experimentation to demonstrate the truth or falsen ( Full Answer )

What is the difference of scientific method and scientific investigation?

The scientific method is the means through which people carry outscientific investigation. Investigation is the process, and thescientific method is the means. For example, if you want to undergo a scientific investigation ofwhether Drug A has an effect on a mammal, you do the followingsteps of the ( Full Answer )

What is the differences between teaching approach teaching method teaching technique and teaching strategies?

For educators, these 4 terms have very specific meanings. Teaching Method = a step-by-step formula for presenting material, which teachers must follow exactly. If the teacher deviates from the prescribed Method in any way, they cannot claim to be using that Method. (Total Physical Response, Direct ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between scientific method and hypothesis?

the hypothesis is part of the scientific method. the scientific method is just a bunch of steps you have to take when doing an experiment. the hypothesis is just the step where you predict what the outcome of the experiment will be.

What is the difference between popular psychology and scientific psychology with their rational and empirical approach?

\nThe difference between "pop psychology" and scientific psychology is very opinionated. Formally trained psychologists that "pop" is different to "POPULAR"; so cheaper or self-help, or group-work treatment usually means a loss of income, etc. for most professional psychologists. In some psychologi ( Full Answer )

Identify the different steps of the scientific method?

Here are the steps in the scientific method, put as simply as possible.. Define the question or problem you seek to answer. . Observe and gather information. . Form a hypothesis. This is just an educated guess, you don't have to be right. . Perform experiment with proper controls and variables; ( Full Answer )

What are different types of scientific method?

The forms of the scientific method are make an observation on yourtopic then you form a hypothesis. Then after that you set up anexperiment and you watch that. After you've done that you check ifyou have any problems if you don't then you make your conclusionand explain it.

What are the different steps of scientific methods?

There 6 different steps of scientific methods or processes: 1.Identification of problem 2.Formulation of hypothesis 4.Experimentation 4.Observation 5.Interpretation of data 6.Conclusion

What are the difference method in the scientific method?

1.) Observe and state the problem. -real -clear and specific -attainable -relevant and measurable plastic ) and )===>products that accidentaly discovered. rubber ) 2.) Gather information about the problem. -computer -television -radio -books -newspaper -recall from yo ( Full Answer )

Different ways to use scientific method?

No, there are diffrent methods in science but only one scientific method and you can only use it to prove or disprove something (wich may be an answer) otherwise you're doing it wrong.

What is the difference between scientific methods and hypothesis?

A hypothesis is an important part, a sub-element, of the scientific method. It is the guess that a scientist makes in an attempt to explain particular observational results, often and preferably, employing mathematical models. Observation is also a sub-element of the scientific method. A few ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between scientific methods and hypothesis?

the difference there is nothing...... you see..... while doing a investigatory project we are following the scientific method and while doing that Hypothesis is included in doing there.....Hypothesis is an educated guess or idea of what yu may think might happen in response to certain conditions.... ( Full Answer )

Difference between approaches modular kernel and layered approach?

The modular kernel approach requires subsystems to interact with each other through carefully constructed interfaces that are typically narrow (in terms of the functionality that is exposed to external modules). The layered kernel approach is similar in that respect. How- ever, the layered kernel im ( Full Answer )

What is difference between scientific method and non-scientific method?

A method that claims to be scientific involves the use of clear procedures which not only show how the results were achieved, but also clear enough for other researchers to attempt to repeat them and must also have empirical relevance to the world. Empirical relevance involves showing that statement ( Full Answer )

How does the scientific method differ from religion?

The scientific method involves making a hypothesis, testing it and evaluating whether the original idea was correct or altering it if necessary. A religion is a system of beliefs normally centering around a deity or deities of some kind. The two are almost entirely different in every aspect.

What is the difference between functional approach and silo approach?

The Functional approach is vertical in nature, with operations grouped as a functional unit. Typical of a departmental grouping. The Process approach is horizontal in nature and each operation cuts across different functions. Typical of Team leaders managing a particular customer item.

How are science and scientific methods different?

a scientific method is a way scientists answer questions and solve problems and science is the gathering of information. While the above is true in that science certainly must gather information, it's what is done with that information that defines the scientific method. In any scientific endeavor ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between approach and methodology?

They are related, and you can't have one without the other. Your approach is your perspective, how you will be studying the particular concept. There are many possible ways of approaching (studying, analyzing) a topic. Perhaps you want to study the early days of television. You could use a Media Eco ( Full Answer )

What is difference between coming and approaching?

There is little difference between coming (to or from) something and approaching something, except that approaching is more like "nearing". Coming to something, somewhere, or someone is more generic in distance than "approaching", which implies a nearness. Example sentences: The van was just app ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between hypothesis and scientific method?

A hypothesis is an important part, a sub-element, of the scientific method. It is the guess that a scientist makes in an attempt to explain particular observational results, often and preferably, employing mathematical models. Observation is also a sub-element of the scientific method. A few exam ( Full Answer )

What are the different substances and mixtures in scientific method?

The scientific method 'per se' has nothing to dowith distinguishing between "pure" substances and mixtures. The scientific method is a procedure for approaching a problemobjectively by: 1) observing and recording what is observed. 2) formulating an explanation for what is observed 3) thinking of ( Full Answer )

What are different scientific method in solving a problem?

The scientific method is just organized so that everybody can follow it. I guess it also depends on how you solve the problem. If it's dumb luck wouldn't be able to reproduce the results. So with the scientific method the results or solving the problem would be able to be reproduced.

What is the difference between a - scientific computer - business computer - general purpose computer - supercomputer?

These terms are somewhat obsolete today, but historically there are differences. . Scientific computers were intended for applications withcomplex numerical calculations and typically had special hardwarefor floating point arithmetic. An example is the IBM 701 introducedin 1953. . Business compu ( Full Answer )