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Receive it from an infected person.

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What role do the following play in educating the public against the spread of the HIV Virus the government the church the home

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Q: How a person gets infected with AIDS?
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Can aids be transmitted when using an underwear of a person with aids? can only be transmitted by sex or if blood of the infected person gets into you. underwear will not give you aids

Can a man get aids if he gets other mans semen in his butt?

Yes, assuming the person is infected with the AIDS virus.

Can you get hiv or aids from drinking from an infected person glass?

No you can not get HIV or AIDS from drinking from an infected person glass.

Can a person who is infected with AIDS show no symptoms?

A person infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can show no symptoms. AIDS is the disease characterized by the symptoms.

Impact of HIV on an infected person?

Impact of hiv/aids on a infected person

Can you kiss a person who has HIV and AIDS?

You can kiss a person who has HIV and AIDS and not be infected.

Can a person gets aids when he eats a food on which aids infected blood is there?

That would be possible, although improbable. But it's a rather far-fetched scenario.

How can a gay person get AIDS?

A gay person can get AIDS in exactly the same way that a straight person can get AIDS: by contracting the HIV virus, usually through sex with an infected person or by using infected needles.

Can you get aids from an infected person if you share your drink with them?


A person can have aids but not be infected with HIV?

No. In order to have the disease known as AIDS (which is not a virus itself, but a syndrome), a person needs to be infected by the HIV virus. It is the HIV virus that causes AIDS.

If someone gets their blood on you will you get aids?

Short answer: possibly.First of all, to contract AIDS, the person must be infected with the HIV virus. If the person is infected with the HIV virus (which causes aids) and you get their blood on an open wound, or a mucus membrane such as the mouth, it is possible. If you get some infected blood on normal skin that is healthy, the chances of you contracting the HIV virus are slim to impossible (?).

How can a person become infected with AIDS?

A person can become infected with AIDS through one of three ways. 1. They have sex with an infected person, and get HIV, which eventually leads to AIDS. 2. They get it from their mother. It passes along through the blood, and a HIV infected mother could have her baby infected with HIV, which, again, leads to AIDS. 3. Sharing a needle (I.E. drugs, diabetes shots, etc.) with a person who has AIDS. They have the HIV virus, which turns into AIDS after some time. -Peregrine

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