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it helps because

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the most widespread cactus is prickly pear

no,there would be little change because the cactus wont be able to adapt to the environment.

A desert environment is plants and animals that survive in the desert. This may include plants such as cactus and yucca.

The stem of a cactus is able to store water during rainy periods for use during a drought.

Some species of cactus do survive in parts of Kansas.

Cactus can survive in hot, dry places because they have developed special abilities that allow them to conserve the water they do receive and make it last a long time. Most cactus have extensive, shallow root systems that allow them to soak up any rainfall that may come their way.

The desert does not help the cactus survive. The cactus survives despite the desert due to its adaptations..

no,a cactus can't survive in northpole because it will become frozen and it would die. Cactus can almostly survive in any climate. In northpole it is very cold and the cactus is not adapted to low temperatures. Cactus need warmth and in northpole there is freezing weather and freezing water, cactus can't survive in northpole.

The cactus has the following adaptations to help it survive in its environment; 1) Deep wide roots so they can absorb water. 2) Small, prickly, leaves that reduce evaporation in the overwhelming heat. 3) A thick stem to store the water gained.

A cactus prefers a shallow pot so that is wider at the top. They are shallow rooted plants so the pot should not be deep.

A cactus can hold water inside of it. :)

there is water inside the cactus shell

Some cacti have shallow roots. Other cacti have long tap roots.

yes a cactus will survive because it stores water in its trunk for when it needs it most

becar many yuse cactus survive in low water also and they can survive without water for many years

Normally, a cactus will thrive in a hot and dry environment, but can be found in humid areas also.

Yes, some species of cactus can survive quite far north and are able to tolerate all but the coldest of temperatures.

they eat cheese i do like a pork pie is what they think to them selves so they go shopping and then raid the stor like a PRO!!!

The leaves have evolved into spines which protect the cactus from animals desiring to eat it. Having no leaves also slows transpiration of water from the plant enabling it to survive better in an arid environment.

The cactus is a plant that usually thrives in a dry environment.

Watering cactusCactus have shallow roots. They prefer not to be watered deep and about every two to 4 weeks depending on what container they are in. If you overwater them they will rot and die.

because it helps bring precipitation to the cactus...

The Leaves of Cactus are prickly and sharp. Cactus have leaves like this to prevent predators and other animals to eat them.