A dry, often sandy region of little rainfall, extreme temperatures, and sparse vegetation

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Where is Gibson?

Australia, south Australia

United Arab Emirates

What is known as the bride of the desert in UAE?

Date Palms

Food & Cooking

How do people get food in the desert?

I estimate that 99.999% of those living in the desert are residing in numerous towns and cities and have no problem going to the neighborhood market or restaurant for a meal. Very few people live a desert life away from the cities and even they come to town for provisions when needed. I live in the Chihuahuan Desert and my home is a half mile from a Wal*Mart Supercenter and have no problems keeping food on my table.


How many deserts does Europe have?

Europe has no major deserts, but some very small ones in countries such as Spain and Italy.


What animals live in the desert?

There are a variety of different deserts all over the world, so different animals will live in different desert areas. Some desert animals include:

  • gila monster
  • fennec fox
  • dingo
  • desert bighorn
  • scorpion
  • collared lizard
  • marsupial mole - itjaritjari and kakarratul
  • desert rat-kangaroo
  • camel and dromedary
  • elf owl
  • Great horned owl
  • Mexican Gray wolf
  • sidewinder
  • echidna (also found in other habitats)
  • addax antelope
  • greater roadrunner
  • sand cat
  • dung beetles
  • cactus wren
  • desert lark
  • fat sand rat
  • great jerboa
  • great mouse-tailed bat
  • lappet-faced vulture
  • thorny devil (an Australian spiky lizard)
  • desert hopping mouse
  • planigale (a small carnivorous marsupial)
  • hawk
  • various snakes such as inland taipan
  • coyote
  • bobcat
  • Big Free-tailed bat
  • Spotted bat
  • marsupial mole
  • mountain lion
  • American Golden eagle
  • Wedge-tailed eagle
  • bilby
  • chuckwalla
  • perentie (desert goanna)
  • civet
  • gerbil
  • bustard
  • ibex
  • hyena
  • peccaries
  • camels
  • spotted hyena

Reptiles like Snakes and Lizards live in deserts but it depends where it is and the heat of the desert

Do deserts have water?

Answer 1

You bet Deserts have Water. Iraq is supposed to have the biggest underground Freshwater Basin in the World. I wonder if USA and Co are in there because of the Water or Oil ? Water per Gallon costs about $11.00. Oil is less than a quarter of this cost. There is more going on than meets the Eye.

Answer 2

yes. some people think its has no water.

Answer 3

The term "desert" refers to the common lack of water. But the fact that there is not much water does not mean that there is no water. There are small amounts of groundwater, mostly around oases and almost no rainfall. However, deserts have water deep underground as well, which is how most desert plants get their water.


How big is the White Desert in Egypt?

The White Desert also known as Sahara el Beyda is 45 km north of Farafra Oasis (located in Western Egypt). Located in the Libyan Desert mid-way between Dakhla and Bahariya.

Environmental Issues

How do humans abuse the desert?

They take all the water from deep down under the sand.

Botany or Plant Biology
Cactus Gardening

What adaptations does cactus have to desert?

1) Water, they can live with out water for months.

2)Fruit bats feed on their pollen from the flowers to help photosynthesis.

3) Wind helps to disperce seeds. They are like dandylions.

Animals also eat their seed, and come out the other end.

Lakes and Rivers

Are there any deserts in Vietnam?

There are no true deserts in Vietnam.

History, Politics & Society

Where is the Turkestan Desert located?

It is not found in is in Turkmenistan(Asia)


Do all desert animals eat meat?

There are a variety of animals in the desert. Some eat plants, some are carnivores. Plant eaters form the base if any food chain. If there are no animals at the bottom of the food chain that eat plants, life could not be sustained in the desert. Such animals as insects, rats, mice, rabbits, hares, antelope, deer, some lizards, etc. are plant eaters and provide prey for carnivores.

Rain and Flooding

How long can some desert places go without rain?

There are some deserts, such as the Atacama Desert of South America where parts have not received any significant precipitation in centuries.


Is there water in the desert?

yes. some people think its has no water.


Where do jerboas live?

Jerboas live in borrows underground in the deserts in Africa and Asia.


Is Sydney a desert?

No. Sydney is not a desert and in fact, is far from one. Its annual precipitation is around 1200 mm. The city is located in the temperate zone, and its summers can be hot and humid.

Sydney faces heatwaves in the summer months (mainly January and February) and also tends to have dry winters, which causes the grass and undergrowth to dry out, leading to severe bushfire risk once the warmer months return. Droughts are not uncommon. The city is also prone to dust storms on rare occasions. However, it is also prone to severe storms which unleash heavy rainfall and hail, and lead to flash floods.


What does a cactus in the desert compete for?

A cactus competes with other plants for water.


Why deserts are important to the ecosystem?

because there are variety of life that can withstand the heat and some bacteria that removed carbon dioxide in the air...


How long did it take Peter Warburton to cross the Great Sandy Desert?

Colonel Peter Warburton was determined to be the first to cross the central Australian continent. He departed Alice Springs telegraph station on 15 April 1873 with the original intention of heading for Perth. Lack of water forced him north across the Great Sandy Desert. He and his party reached de Grey Station on 11 January 1874, making a total journey of around nine months.


How hot can the Mexico deserts get?

Very. Highest temperatures in Mexico's Sonoran desert usually reach58 °C (136.4 °F) on summer months.


Why do cupcakes deflate?

you should pull them out as late as possible even if they are a little to crisp on top.


Why is food important in the desert and water?

because there is no acceptable edible solid and there is no water and hardly any liquid.

Cactus Gardening

Why can a cactus not survive in a pond?

Cactus will rot if they do not get a chance to dry out after being exposed to water.

They evolved in dry climates and have not developed any self protection against dangerous organisms that thrive in dampness.


Which is the largest desert?

The largest desert on earth is Antarctica.
Well technically,the worlds largest desert is Antarctica but the worlds largest HOT desert would be the Sahara.
The name of the world's largest desert is the Sahara in northern Africa.
The largest desert in the world is Antarctica.
The Sahara in Africa.
the biggest sand desert in the earth is the Sahara desert. the biggest arctic desert is Antarctica
Antarctica is the biggest polar desert in the world.

The Sahara Desert in Northern Africa spans an area measured roughly at probably 3-3.5 million square miles. Which is probably one of the biggest non polar desert.
The Sahara Desert Sahara is the largest desert in the world, encompassing almost all of northern Africa. Covering an area of about 3.3 million sq mi (8.6 million sq km), it is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Atlas Mountains, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, and the Sahel region. It includes portions of several countries, including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, and The Sudan.
Sahara desert. Area = 9.65 million sq km.

IN ADDITION:By receiving less than 2 inches of rainfall per year, Antarctica is considered a desert. At 14.4 million square kilometers (5.4 million square miles), It is the largest desert on the planet Earth.
The largest desert in the world is named the Antarctic Desert. It is a huge polar desert covering much of Antarctica.
A desert is a region of land that receives less than 250 mm of rain per year. Thus, the largest desert is the Antarctic with an area of 18 million km2 in winter. This is followed by the Arctic (which is also an ocean) with an area of 15 million km2 in winter and the Sahara with an area of roughly 8.6 million km2.
Countries, States, and Cities

What are the names of five desert countries and their capitals?




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