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How a square and rectangular alike?

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They both have four sides and four right angles.

Every square is also a rectangle.

But not every rectangle is a square.

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They are alike, because they both have square bottoms. They are different, because the rectangular prism is longer.

no because a rectangular as 2 long sies and a sqare dont

they are both classified as a polyhedra.

they are the same shape, so they will be alike.

They are all rectangular prisms!

They both have at least one rectangular face.

They are polyhedra with a rectangular base.

profiles that are square and rectangular

they are alike because they both have 2 bases

There is no such thing as a rectangular prism square!

Both of their bases are rectangles, and they are both 3D.

A cube is a special case of a rectangular prism. It is a rectangular prism with all sides equal.

They are both 3d solid figures based on rectangles.

Rectangular pyramids and triangular pyramids both have triangular faces.

A cube is a rectangular prism in which each edge is of the same length.

it has four rectangular sides and 2 square faces * * * * * It need not have ANY square faces. It can have six rectangular faces.

It has 4 rectangular faces and 2 square faces (:

they both have quadrilateral bases, they're both polyhedrons, and they both can tessellate (if it's a right prism and a right pyramid)

These shapes are alike because they have the same faces, edges,and vertices.

A cylinder contains 2 faces that are circles and a rectangular prism contains 6 faces that a a rectangle.

Neither a triangular nor a rectangular pyramid has a square base. A square pyramid has a square base.

They are polyhedra, with several rectangular faces, and with two identical and parallel bases.

They are both 3 dimensional shapes having surface area and volume.

no, but a cube is a rectangular prism... Remember this, a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is never a square!

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