How a substance smells?

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its odor is how it smells

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Q: How a substance smells?
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What is a substance that smells like veratraldehyde?


Why does any substance smells?

Not all substances have a smell.

As a dead body decays it swells and smells due to the release of this substance?

Methane I believe.

What is poop smell like?

it smells like a substance that has a bad smell it stinks very bad

What is the yellow substance that smells when you burn it?

That could be a number of things including cheese, but I think you are looking for Sulphur.

What does nuclear waste look like?

its a sort of grey substance, and it burns if you get it in your eyes It smells a little like old people's farts. Puik!

What is the definition for 'aromatics'?

The meaning of aromatics is something that smells good. This could be a substance or a plant, that emits a distinctive or pleasant smell. It can also be an aromatic compound.

How did Bromine gets its name?

From a greek word whos meaning is stench (bad smell) It smells, so there for it has a bad smell and it is a brown looking substance.

What does vix smell like?

Vix smells like alpha pinene, the very same substance that makes pine trees smell so good.

What do you get if you mix sulfur and copper?

you get a hard substance called copper sulfate. it smells really bad however, and it is a dark color with a tint of blue. -ahmad khatib

How does a stink bomb work?

A stink bomb is usually a glass vial containing a foul smelling substance in it, such as putrescine which strongly smells of rotten meat. The vial is crushed by stepping on it or thrown into a hard surface, and the vial cracks. The chemical is released and the terrible smells ensue.

What is the extent of rainforest destruction?

because it smells. because it smells. because it smells.

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