How an antenna receives signal?

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An antenna is built and tuned specifically to resonate at a certain frequency or set of frequencies. In receiving, this resonance will appear as an RF voltage across the antenna, or between the antenna and ground. This RF voltage is usually modulated in order to carry information, for example a radio station. You generally use a receiver of some kind to "decode" this information, and make it usable to humans again, for example, play the music as audio through a loudspeaker.
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What can interfere with receiving the GPS signal?

Answer . Tall buildings, mountains, and other large objects, even highway overpasses, can interefere with or interrupt the GPS signal. A GPS receiver must have a clear “line-of-sight” with the satellites to work properly. If the signal is blocked by an object, it will be re-established once t ( Full Answer )

Does the laptop receive signals for a satellite?

Answer . For a laptop (or any computer) to receive signals from a satellite you must add a receiver card. This could be external (USB interface) or internal (PCMCIA for a laptop, PCI for a regular PC). The receiver card has to be fed signals from a satellite antenna or a satellite dish with ampli ( Full Answer )

What can I do to fix this everytime I key up my CB radio it causes my GPS receiver to lose signal and I have to unplug it and plug it in again to get signal back GPS is outside opposite of antennae?

Answer . There is no way to solve the problem. Because of the high power of the CB transmitter and the low power of the satellite signals, the CB signal clips the GPS receiver, and it can even damage your GPS.. More . The CB and the GPS unit work on entirely different frequencies, to be sure, ( Full Answer )

What is the need for antennas what are transmitting antennas what are receiving antennas?

Antennas transfer energy from a cable into the airwaves efficiently. Any transmit antenna can also be a receive antenna and viceversa. If you wish to transmit high power from an antenna, usually heat generation or high voltage is a concern that can destroy the antenna. To prevent problems, high powe ( Full Answer )

How are television signals transmitted and received?

A television signal contains a voice component which is an FM signal, and a video component which is an AM signal. The TV transmitter basically combines the voice and video information and puts it onto what is called a carrier wave for transmission into the air. Think of a car that is used to delive ( Full Answer )

Do you need antenna to receive digital signals on LCD TV the TV has a built in HDTuner Can we use indoor antenna?

All TVs including new ATSC Digital ones use the same frequencies as older NTSC Analog sets. An amplified antenna is recommended because there is a threshold where a weak analog signal will be visible (with considerable static) but a digital tuner will not have sufficient strength to display a digita ( Full Answer )

From how far can radios receive a signal?

It depends on six factors: 1. Transmitter power, 2. Transmitting antenna, 3. Receiving antenna, 4. Receiver sensitivity, 5. Frequency and type of operation, 6. Any land or obstacles between the two radios. The deep space probe that passed by jupiter, neptune and the outer planet ( Full Answer )

Can the iPod receive a radio signal?

That depends. The ipod nano 5th generation can receive radio signals. an ipod touch can also, but you have to buy a certain app

What is a cell that can receive and transmit signals?

Actually all cells can send and receive signals. For example every cell has a CD95(FASr) which receives signals from natural killer cells or T cells and results in cell death. Also all cells send signals through cell membrane receptors to neighboring cells. These signals prevent neighboring cell ( Full Answer )

How does an antenna pick up tv signals?

\n. \n. \nThe short answer is , metal antenna elements are tuned by length and diameter to resonate at a electro magnetic frequencies of the tv channels. The vibrating electrons vibrate each other , even over long distance. Some every day examples of this are , electric guitar , the electrons i ( Full Answer )

How do an antenna convert electrical signals into electromagnetic waves?

When a net current flows from point A to point B (i.e. there is a net flow of electrons induced by a potential difference), the net movement of the electrons creates an electromagnetic field which can be described by the set of vector equations published by James Maxwell in 1873. In the simplest ( Full Answer )

Why test antenna in receiving mode?

If you run the antenna under test in the receiving mode, then while it is rotated, you'll monitor signals received by the antenna under test.. If you run the antenna under test in the transmit mode, then while you rotate it, you'll monitor signals received by a different antenna on the test range ( Full Answer )

To transmit and receive signals to and from multiple nodes in a three-story house what type of antenna should an access point use.?

You should buy an omnidirectional antenna with a high gain (measured in dBi) if you have a wireless G or B router. If not, I recommend you to buy a wireless N router that comes with 3 antennas. It really increases your signal strength and range. You don't need to have a wireless N adapter to use it, ( Full Answer )

How do you increase the strength to the receiving antenna?

I think the question needs to know how to increase signal strength from Receiving Antenna. 1. Use Better and bigger Ground. This will not only increase signal but will also increase S/N ratio. 2. Generally increasing the size of antenna helps. 3. Use elements that can increase the effective are ( Full Answer )

Can a uhf antenna pick up vhf signals as well?

Yes, a UHF antenna can pick up VHF signals, but not well. The size difference makes the uhf antenna "inefficient" for the longer vhf wave length, but some energy can be received by the uhf antenna.

Can RF signal travel in air medium without antenna?

Yes. An antenna is only used to receive or send a signal. A RF signal travels throughout any air medium independently of the existence or not of an antenna. Of course you will need an antenna if you want to receive the signal (which has to have, by the way, more or less the same lenght of the ( Full Answer )

What is the device for receiving satellite signals?

To receive a Satellite signal, you need a LNB which is attached to your satellite dish--The LNB and dish is determined by which satellite TV service you have--either Dish Network or DirecTV. The satellite dish is pointed in a particular direction to pick up the correct satellite orbiting the sky. Yo ( Full Answer )

How do cellphones send and receive signals?

They're essentially two walkie-talkies in the same case ! Thesignal is digitally encoded (and encrypted), then the signal istransmitted to the nearest phone mast. The mast relays the signalacross a number of cells until it is received by the other phone.

What GMRT do after receiving signal?

I persume you mean the Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope (GMRT) in India. The way a received signal is processed is equivalent to the working principle of a double-super-heterodyne-receiver. That means that a received signal is filtered, mixed with another frequency and filtered again to downscale it ( Full Answer )

How can I amplify a toy car antenna signal?

Most toys have a very poor antenna so simply making it bigger may give you an improvement. What actually are you trying to achieve? Is it a greater distance between transmitter and receiver ?

Where does a gps receiver get its signal?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) consists of 24 satellites that orbit the Earth at a height of 20,000 km. Receivers at stations on Earth (such as WES2 in Westport, Massachusetts) use the signals from satellites to calculate the location of the station. Geoscientists have set up a network of targe ( Full Answer )

Can a uhf vhf antenna receive FM radio broadcast?

Any antenna can receive anything, but not very well unless it's the correct length for the frequency you're trying to receive. Yes, this antenna will work well so you will not need a special FM only antenna.

What is the perfect length of antenna for a radio signal of 100 MHz?

The half-wave, center-fed 'dipole' antenna is probably the antenna that's simplest to design, and easiest to build and operate. For 100 MHz, it's a single wire, supported at its ends and insulated from the supports, hung horizontally, opened and connected to a 75-ohm coaxial cable at its cent ( Full Answer )

How does a satelllite dish receive its signals?

The LNB attached to the arm on the dish along with the receiver decodes the signal beamed down from the satellite in outer space. The smart card inside the receiver holds the information for the programming package you subscribe to allowing you to view your program.

How do you receive digital signals?

The carrier waves are electromagnetic in nature, and it is the modulation of them that carries the information. There are several methods of modulation, FM, AM, Pulse-code, and many more. The digital signals are modulated on the carrier wave. And digital signals should theoretically be more immune ( Full Answer )

How do you get the remote antenna to work on a dish receiver?

By remote antenna, do you mean Over The Air (OTA). For the OTA, some receivers have a coax port on the back, TV antenna, where you can connect an outside antenna. From the receiver menu, you can scan the OTA channels into the receiver once the receiver has found the OTA channels. If this is not what ( Full Answer )

How signal reflects back in an antenna?

In a properly matched antenna, signal does not reflect back - the transmission line and antenna combination is seen, electrically, as an infinite line - so there is no reflection - again, when properly matched.

Why do you suddenly get no signal with rabbit ears antenna?

The rabbit antenna needs to be turned the right direction and have the two elements spread to collect enough RF signal. Powered antennas are best in some cases, that is ones that plug in to the ac wall socket. Also check the cable connection into the tv set antenna connector.

How do phones receive a signal?

From the electrical source from 'telephone poles' because they connect to things in the phone that transmits a signal to you phone so I'm guessing that's how -he fingers it

How do cell phone receive signal?

The cell phone doesn't receive signal it the sim card which received it .sim card get it signal form the geo stationary satelite situated in the sky at the angle of 120' making a triangle which cover the whole world .

How to make a home yagi antenna to receive FM signals?

To cut a wire or aluminium tubing length for a dipole antenna take your frequency in Megahertz that you want to tune the antenna to and divide that number by 468. This will be the full wave length of the frequency you will be tuning to. For general purpose listening cut the antenna to mid frequency ( Full Answer )

Is the receiving antenna radiate radio wave during reception?

A receiving antenna does "re-radiate" some of the power it receives, but not all. Some of the power it receives proceeds into the receiver ... which is the only way we detect the signal being received by the antenna.

Do computers receive signal from satellite?

Computers can receive signals from satellites if they are set up to do so. It won't be the case for all computers though. Computers can receive signals from satellites if they are set up to do so. It won't be the case for all computers though. Computers can receive signals from satellites if they ( Full Answer )

What is a good antenna to use at home to receive TV reception?

If you live close enough to the transmitters and you are in the line of sight (LOS) or just beyond. A POWERED rabbit ear type might be right. There are so many variables in this question that much more information is needed to give a more defined answer.

How do cordless phones receive signals?

Cordless phones use radio frequencies to send the messages from a base, which is attached to the phone line, through the air to the cordless handset. Newer cordless phones receive their signals digitally.

How much will a USB WiFi antenna boost a WiFi signal?

Depending on the make and model of the USB WiFi antenna, it can boost a WiFi signal range up to 1000 feet and some claim to boost the signal by four times whatever the current output is.

What to do when you are receiving mixed signals from someone?

It depends on what you mean by "mixed signals," and it also depends on the age of the person. Some teens, for example, are very uncertain whether they want a relationship or not; they may feel like they do one day, and feel entirely the opposite on another day. And even with adults, some are afraid ( Full Answer )

How radio signals are generatedtransmitted and received?

Radio is the wireless transmission of signals through free space by electromagnetic radiation of a frequency significantly below that of visible light, in the radio frequency range, from about 3 kHz to 300 GHz.These waves are called radio wave . Electromagnetic radiation travels by means of oscill ( Full Answer )

How are radio signals transmitted and received?

Radio signals are electromagnetic radiation . Make electriccurrent flow rapidly back and forth in an antenna wire causeselectromagnetic radiation to be transmitted from that antenna. Asthe electromagnetic radiation passes over another antenna wire itcauses an electric current to flow in that antenn ( Full Answer )