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it isn't in diamond monds

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Q: How and where do you find the gold nugget in the diamond mines on poptropica?
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Where do you get the last jewl on poptropica?

You can find it in the diamond mines.

Where is the white gem in poptropica?

The white gem is in the Diamond Mines in a stack of white gems. You have to use a magnifine glass to find out which is the right one.

How you find a diamond?

I believe you find it in mines and such. Hoped that helped.

Where would you find diamond mines?

Diamond mines are found in Russia, Africa, Canada, Australia, India, Brazil and even in USA.

What do you do with the gold nugget that you find in poptropica?

take the nugget back to Nabooti and trade it for the camera, by the stand with 3 people by it go to the last guy to get the camera

Where do you find diamonds in Pittsburgh in mines not in jewelry stores?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is not known for its diamond mines.

How do you find the camera in Nooboti Island in poptropica?

You don't just find the camera in Nooboti Island, you must trade a golden nugget for it. To find the golden nugget go to the Kaya forest and it is in one of the trees.

Is there diamond mines in Arizona?

I do not believe there are any diamond mines not only in Arizona, but it would be pretty hard to find one anywhere in the USA.

Were do you find the white jewel in nabooti on poptropica?

in the jewel mines on the lower center of the map.

Where can find diamond?

Diamond mines in Central & South Africa are where 50% of non-synthetic diamonds come from.

How do you get the diamond out on Poptropica?

you find the one with the wierd triangle symbol

How do you find the gold nugget on wild west island poptropica?

Find a sparkle on a rock (top or bottom) and scoop the pan right on top of the sparkle. Shake the pan carefully and there may be a gold nugget. This worked for me but idk bout you. Hope you find it :-)

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