How and where to get Investors for research on networking?

  1. Identify goals
  2. Identify possible outcomes
  3. Identify resources needed
  4. Identify if/what Intellectual Property will be needed/created
  5. Create timeline
  6. Analyze costs
  7. Analyze benefits/profitability/uses
  8. Create a budget plan
  9. Write a solid proposal or business plan
  10. Identify viable fund sources (i.e. educational institutions, governments, non-profit organizations, private investors, companies already working in the space, crowdsourcing)
  11. Rewrite business plan/proposal
  12. Cover your butt (see a lawyer)
  13. Select a funding source
  14. Gather all relevant information from that source needed for submittal (authorizations, documentation, guidelines)
  15. Rewrite business plan/proposal
  16. Submit proposal
  17. Gather and apply feedback
  18. Repeat as necessary