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World War 2 in Europe started in September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland. Britain and France had a treaty with Poland and went to war against Germany.And the brithis to.AN that many people did not survive the tragade.

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Q: How and why did the European War start in World War 2?
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What European nation was in control of Vietnam at the start of World War 2?


An event in Bosnia helped cause the beginning of World War 1 In which European country was the start of World War 2?


How did Americans feel about the start of world war 2?

They felt that it was nothing to do with them and didn't want to get involved in a 'European' war.

European country divided after World War 2?

European country divided after world war 11

What action by German started World War 2?

The action which was caused by germany which led to to the start of World War 2 in the European theatre was the Invasion of poland in september 1939

How were the causes of World War I and World War 2 similar and different?

world war 1 is an European war world war 2 is an country war

Which European country was the start of World War 2?

Germany and the Soviet Union invasion of Poland in Sept. 1939

What country was the first European country to be conquered by the Germans during World War 2?

After the START of WW2, Poland.

What European country was not in world war 1 or world war 2?


How did European leaders first response to German aggression World War 2?

world war 2

How did World War 2 contribute to the end of European imperialism?

World War 2 contributed to the end of imperialism.

Which World War did Hitler start?

World War 2

Did Hitler start world war 11 or 2?

Yes, Indirectly. It's believed that he was the reason to start World War 2 but NOT World War 1.

Did World War 2 cause the end of European imperialism?

True, The end to European imperialism came about after the war.

How back then do they start war world 2?

World War 2 was started in 1939

When did the blackout in world war 2 start and finish?

It started in World War 2

What European country was an alli during World War 1 but not during World War 2?


Which European country was divided after World War 2?


Which European country divided in world war 2?


When did Harry S. Truman start world war 2?

Harry S Truman did NOT start World War 2.

Did the great depression start before world war 2 and after world war 1?


What were the 2 Theaters of World War 2?

The European Theater and the Pacific Theater.

When did World War I and World War 2 start?

world war 1 started in 1914 and world war 2 started in 1941.1939 in Europe and Asia

Why couldn't European countries maintain their overseas colonies after World War 2?

After World War II, the world was bipolar

What was the war US strategy in World War 2 on the European front?

To drive into Berlin.