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Hitler survived World War 1.


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in what way did allices help to start world war 1

they are related because the end of ww1 was actually the start if ww2

Hitler wanted space for his Sudetenland, so he took Poland... this actually triggered World War 2, not World War 1

The Nazis invaded Poland and violated the Treaty of Versailles. This sparked World War 2.

They invaded the Ottoman Empire.Actually it was Austria-Hungary invading Serbia which started World War I.

World war 3 is not about to start but we are at war with Iraq, Afghanistan ,and Iran. Why would you think world war 3 is about to start?

Hitler did not start World War 1.

The one that was actually KNOWN as World War I was from 1914 - 1918, but you could count the Napoleonic Wars which were in the 1800's

The British Prime Minister at the outbreak of World War II was Neville Chamberlain who actually declared war in 1939. He was succeeded by Winston Churchill in May 1940.Neville Chamberlain was the British prime minister at the start of World War 2

What invention helped to contribute to the start of the civil war and how did it help contribute to

Hitler did not start world war 1.

World War I actually started in Europe on July, 1914.

By the use of the atomic bomb. This brought man into the atomic age.

Of course they COULD, but the likelyhood that they actually will be the perpetrators is minimal.

There is no World War 3.

started in world war 1, to help save fuel

The world war 1 did actually end. On the world war 2 the war ended.

The Great Depression did not start a war. It ended when World War II started, but it started no war.

how did world war one start

America actually joined in to help it's allies. The United States of America joined with Britain, France and Russia to to fight in World War I.

No! People did not want the first world war to start.

Officially it began on the 1st of September, 1939, when German troops invaded Poland.

No. Poland was actually invaded by the nazis helping to start World War II in 1939. It became a communist country after World War II, but it is no longer a communist country.

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