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by the smell

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Q: How ants identify sweets kept in a tin?
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How ants identify sweets kept in tin?

by the smell

How do ants identify sweets kept in a tin?

Ants use smell to identify sweets even if they are kept in tins if there is any residue of the food on the outside of the container. When ants find food they send signals to other ants and they will come to the food source.

What is the collective noun for sweets in a jar?

In your example, jar of sweets, is the collective noun; other collective nouns are a box of sweets, a tin of sweets, or a shop of sweets.

How many sweets are there in 855 gram tin of celebrations?


How many sweets are in a typical tin of celebrations?


How many sweets are there in a 850 gram tin of roses?

not as many as there used to be! i would say about 100

How many quality streets in a tin per 1.2kg?

I have just calculated that there are 114 sweets in a 1.1kg tin (this is calculated by the twelve individual sweets weighing 116g / 12 = 9.6 recurring (average weight per sweet). 1100g / 9.6 recurring = 114 rounded up.

How many sweets in a quality tin 969kg box?

It depends on the weight and not count. each sweet has a specific gram value. Whilst the machine loads in x amount of each sweet. if there is a small differential in weight it is made up by the system adding in an extra sweet(s) to reach the value

Can potato salad with mayonnaise be kept overnight in a tin container?

if its covered x

Why is tin used in candle holders?

Because plastic containers have a tendency to melt and catch fire.

How long will ketchup last in a tin can?

Surprisingly enough, it actually lasts for about 4 months if kept in the fridge.

Why are the handles of tin-shears kept much longer than the blades?

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