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How are Christians valued in society?

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Most people tolerate them.

Although this is not recognized many Christians form the backbone and heart of charitable organizations which do a lot of good in the community.

Others find Christians a nuisance as they tend to have a different sense of right and wrong and more absolute standards of right and wrong. This tends to grate against a society which has lost its moral compass. People do not like to be told they are wrong.

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How were women valued in Chinese society?

women were valued, but they were considered inferior to men.

What was highly valued in heian society?

The ability to recognize beauty was highly valued in Heian society. Beauty was synonymous with good.

Why were sons especially valued on ancient Jewish society?

Sons were especially valued in Jewish society because they carried on family and they supported the family.

Why were knights highly valued in highly valued in medieval society?

They were highly valued because the gunpowder and longbow wasn't still invented.

What does a myth teach us about a society?

What the people valued

The phrase used to describe a society in which information is sought out evaluated and valued is?

informed society

What can myths tell about the culture they come from?

C.What the society valued

Why were knights highly valued in medieval society?

they fight a lot

Why aren't Chinese women valued in Chinese society?

cause they are women are allways valued less than our muscles and awsomeness

Does Christianity or Islam contribute the most to your society?

In my society, there are more Christians.

Are Women valued in today's society?

Look. Women are valued on two things: how well they clean the kitchen and if the kids are taken care of.

Why were blacks valued in Renaissance society?

Because black people are slaves.

What was most highly valued in Mesopotamian society?

I believe it was a human life.

What is true of homers Greece in the Odyssey?

it was a society that greatly valued hospitality.

What is celadon pottery?

It is a greenish grey glaze used in old Korea and was highly valued. It is still used today but leased valued by society.

How were woman valued in chinese society?

Traditional Chinese society and culture was male dominated. A woman was regarded as a subordinate to her father, husband and son.

What do christians believe about society?

They believe they have a duty to help the poor.

Why were women valued in Chinese society?

Women were not valued in Chinese society for most of history because it was believed that men were stronger, smarter, and more important than women. Later, women became slightly more valued due to their ability to bear children and in modern times they are considered more equal, although not entirely equal, to men.

What did gladiator games say about what roman society valued?

The gladiatorial games were the most popular form on entertainment. The spectators valued a good, skilled and fair fight. However, this was about what the Roman valued in these contests, not about more general Roman values. To them it was like a sport.

What did Romantic thinkers place special value on?

Romantic thinkers valued feeling,not reason and nature,not society. They valued the common people; as a result they enjoyed folk stories, songs and traditions.

What is the relevance of covenants in modern society?

Covenants are international treaties, as thus they must be valued and respected. They are the guarantors of world peace and civil society amongst nations.

Why is justice important for Christians?

AnswerJustice is important for all people, including Christians. Without justice, oppression can rule, and there will be no civilised society.

What group is called the society of Jesus?

jesuits But people can be a society of Jesus the Christians if they follow the will of God and follow the Path of Jesus

Why do some born again Christians oppose a homogeneous society?

Christians might oppose a homogeneous society, which are groups of people that have common ties with race, ethnic or religious backgrounds, because of the way they were raised and their beliefs.

List three important values in classical Greek society?

Athens was the center of greek society, the upper class of athens valued order, humanism and temperance and wisdom .