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both were good generals

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Is king leonidas related to Alexander the great?

The Spartan Leonidas did not train Alexander the Great. The Leonidas who trained Alexander lived far after the Persian Wars.

Were was Alexander the great king?

Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia.

Was Alexander the great a king?

Yes, Alexander the great was the king of Macedon.

How was Ruth related to king David?

King David was Ruth's great-grandson (Ruth chapter 4). See also:More about RuthMore about King David

What city was Alexander the Great king?

alexander was the great king of the city alexanderia

Where we can see the greatest rulers namely Alexander the great Julius Caesar king david and Charlemagne together?

You can see the greatest rulers, namely Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, King David, and Charlemagne together in many works of art including paintings.

How were saul and David related?

I do not think king Saul and king David were related.

Who was the Indian king who fought against Alexander the great?

the great indian king who fought alexander the great was "PORUS"

Alexander the great was the king of what county?

Alexander the great was the king of russia.

What connects Charlemagne King David Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great?

the king of four diff suits of cards are based on these four individuals..

When did Alexander the great become king?

alexander the great became king when his father died in 336 B.C.E

How Aristotle and Alexander the great are related?

Aristotle and Alexander the Great are not related. Aristotle was born near Macedonia, but is not related to Prince Alexander. Alexander's parents were King Philip II and the princess of a nearby city as well as Queen of Macedonia for a little, Olympias. They were not in any way related, Aristotle was only Alexander's teacher.

What was Alexander the Great king of?

he was king of Macedonia

Alexander the great was king of?

he was the king of mecadonia

How Alexander the Great became king?

Alexander became king when his father was assassinated.

Who was the great Macedonian King?

Alexander The Great

Was Alexander the Great really a king?

Yes Alexander the Great was a king. After his father (Philip II of Macedon) was assassinated in 336BC, the throne went to Alexander.

How are playing cards related to history?

The kings in a deck of playing cards represent actual historical rulers! * Hearts: Charlemagne * Clubs: Alexander the Great * Diamonds: Julius Caesar * Spades: King David

Alexander was the son of what ruler?

Alexander The Great was the son of the Macedonian King; King PhilipII

Is Alexander the great a soldier as well as a king?

Alexander was king of Macedonia as well as a great soldier who technically did not loose a war.

Was Alexander the Great King of Greece?

No. Even though Alexander the Great thought of himself as a Greek , he is truly King of Macedonia.

Who was king after Alexander the great?

he was Alexander the third his successor was Alexander the forth. ... Alexander the fourth was the 13-year old son of Alexander the Great

How was Alexander the Great treated by his conquerors?

Alexander the Great was never conquered while King

What is a topic sentence for Alexander the Great?

Alexander the Great was a king of a part of ancient Greece.

Why Alexander Great was called the Grea King?

Alexander the Great was called the Great King because he had conquered the Persian Kingdom, and was the 'successor' of Darius III

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