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I believe that it is very likely that they are related. My great grandmother was a Wallace. Thinking back in time, at the time of William Wallace, the clan didn't seem to be very large, so why wouldn't we American Wallace's be related, somehow? Thanks!

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Is randall Wallace related to William Wallace?

Impossible to determine as the records to prove a relationship do not exist.

When was Randall Wallace born?

Randall Wallace was born on July 28, 1949.

Did William Wallace have children?

we dont know there is no sign of children in his history William Wallace did have children, but no one is sure with whom. The writer of BraveHeart Randall Wallace made a visit to Scotland, and discovered a huge statue of a man named William Wallace. He questioned why this man had his last name and did lots of research and had found that he was a direct descendant from William Wallace.

How old is Randall Wallace?

Randall Wallace is 62 years old (birthdate: July 28, 1949).

What films influenced braveheart?

Mel Gibson wanted to do a film version of the book 'Braveheart' by Randall Wallace based loosely on the life of Scottish hero William Wallace.

Are Randall gay and William gay related?

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What is Randall Wallace's birthday?

Randall Wallace was born on July 28, 1949.

What did William Wallace achieve?

William wallace

Is Steven Randall Jackson related to Randall Darius Jackson?

No they are not related.

How did William Wallace get to the throne?

William Wallace was never a king.

When did William Randall - cricketer - die?

William Randall - cricketer - died in 1877.

When was William Randall - cricketer - born?

William Randall - cricketer - was born in 1823.

In what year did William Wallace die?

William Wallace died in 1305

When did William Wallace live?

William Wallace lived from 1270-1305.

Is William Wallace legend or myth?

William Wallace was a real person.

When was William H. Randall born?

William H. Randall was born on 1812-07-15.

When did William H. Randall die?

William H. Randall died on 1881-08-01.

What has the author David William Randall written?

David William Randall has written: 'Ethnography and system design'

What is the birth name of Randall Faye?

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Contribution to Europe by William Wallace?

william wallace was the invento of the condom and dildo

When did William Robert Wallace die?

William Robert Wallace died in 1960.

When was William Robert Wallace born?

William Robert Wallace was born in 1886.

When did William Wallace Phelps die?

William Wallace Phelps died in 1873.

When was William Wallace Phelps born?

William Wallace Phelps was born in 1826.

When was William Miller Wallace born?

William Miller Wallace was born in 1844.