How are air pressure and temperature related?


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When air is cold there is less air pressure. When the air is warm there is more air pressure

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The higher the temperature, the higher the air pressure.The lower the temperature, the lower the air pressure.

Temperature is related to air pressure because the air pressure can determine the movement of wind. If cool winds move from areas of high pressure to low pressure zones, the temperature in that place will drop.

Under controlled situations , as the temperature increases the air pressure decreases.:)

Under controlled situations , as the temperature increases the air pressure decreases.:)

Wind is related to air temperature because they both are dealing with high and low pressure. hopefully i help u out sincerely, Swagglikeme

Temperature is not directly tied to volume, its related to pressure. Increasing the temperature will increase the pressure--only if volume is held constant. That is were volume and temperature are related, through pressure. However, if you increase the volume it does not change the temperature.

When the temperature rises, air is less dense which is why heated air moves upward, and there is less air pressure. So when it's cooler, air moves downward, and the air pressure is higher.For a gas in a container, as temperature increases, the pressure also increases. This is Gay-Lussac's law.

Both pressure and volume of any gas are directly, linearely proportional to temperature in Kelvin, that is degree Celsius + 273.13. Density is not directly related to temperature, it is related to mass and volume.

For a given volume and pressure, the mass of the air contained in that volume (density) will decrease as the temperature increases.

The air pressure will be higher where the air temperature is low.The air pressure will be low where the air temperature is high

As air pressure increases temperature decreases and as air pressure decreases temperature increases.

Air pressure and temperature are not directly connected.

Air temperature and air pressure are inversely proportional. As temperature increases, air pressure decreases. This is best demonstrated in an enclosed vessel.

A thermometer is to air temperature as a barometer is to air pressure.

Yes, air pressure is affected by temperature.When the temperature is higher the air pressure lowers and the weight of the air is lower. When air is warmer the molecules sperate and there are less molecules that can cause pressure.

the higher the temperature the higher the pressure

Higher temperature = Higher air pressure.

Air pressure decreases along with the temperature.

as temperature rises so does the air pressure

because air temperature is the same as low air pressure

Air density is the same as air pressure. Pressure is proportional to temperature. If there is more pressure (density) in the air, particles collide together a lot more frequently and increase in temperature. Therefore, if pressure increases, temperature increases.

Sorry, the atmospheric pressure has really nothing to do with the speed of sound at 0c, but he temperature is very important Scroll down to related links and read the short article "Speed of sound - temperature matters, not air pressure". The air pressure and the air density are proportional to each other at the same temperature.

summarize how temperature and air pressure change in the troprophere

Air pressure does not change the sound waves. Scroll down to related links and look at "Speed of sound - temperature matters, not air pressure".

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