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How are boys stronger than girls?

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Because girls have flab

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Are boys stronger than girls naturally?

Boys are genetically more likely to have better muscles, but of course there are plenty of girls stronger than boys.

Do boys have more muscle than girls?

Yes boys do have more muscles than girls, and as a result of that an individual boy is much more often than not physically stronger than an individual girl, and that is why boys are physically stronger than girls. You see when boys & girls go through puberty, the boys will naturally have much more testosterone in their bodies than girls, and due to all the extra testosterone the boys will as a result of that naturally develop more & stronger muscles than girls during puberty so by the time that boys & girls have finished going through puberty the boys will end up being physically stronger than girls, with bigger and stronger muscles than Girls.

Can girls be stronger than boys?

ya they can well I guess some boys can be stronger than a girl and if your one of those girls I hope your smart! girls are usally smarter than boys and defently prettier!

Are there gender differences in muscular strength?

no... sometime girls can be stronger than boys and sometimes boys can be stronger than girls... it kinda depends on their health

Why are boys stronger than girls?

Boys are stronger than girls because they tend to have a greater muscle mass. Hormones, including testosterone, contribute to this.

Why are boys faster then girls?

Well, there was a record of a Jamaican MAN be the fastest human in the world, so I would say boys are faster. Some people say, boys are stronger than girls but girls are faster than boys. THAT IS NOT TRUE. It actually, boys are stronger AND faster than girls!

Are boys cleverer than girls?

No, because it is proven that girls are stronger!!!!!!!

Why boys have it better than girls?

because they are strong females are way stronger than boys

Are boys stupider than girls?

it is true girls are smarter then boys because boys were built stronger and girls smarter that's why most teachers are girls -Different User- That's definitely not true. Some boys are smarter than girls. Some girls are stronger than boys. It's you stupid stereotypical sexists who say otherwise or discriminate based on gender.

Who is physically stronger teenage boys or teenage girls?

Even as a girl I admit that usually boys are stronger than girls. But girls are often smarter than boys. Im okay with that because I wouldn't want a boyfriend who is weaker than me or smarter than me. :] The girl will be smarter than the boy about 50% of the time. She'll be stronger than him <1% of the time.

Who is stronger daeja or thaddeus?

daeja curry because girls are stronger than boys

Do boys have stronger tongues than girls?

yes they do in fact its 50 times stronger !

Why were boys chosen over girl in china when there was a one child policy?

Boys are typically stronger than girls. Some girls are stronger than some boys too. If you are a stronger boy, you have a better chance of being picked. I am sorry, but boys are the ones who usually get picked.

Is it true that boys are physically stronger than girls are?

Not all men are physically stronger than all women are. Nevertheless, if age, size, and training are equalized, yes, males are physically stronger than females. Similarly, boys are physically stronger than girls usually are if age, size, and training are equalized. i think that it is resist coz girl power is just as good as boy power but girls can be stronger than boys if they train

Why do boys think there so better than girls?

because boys are stronger and long but that dont means they are beter then girls. girls are smart and prettyer then some boys

DO boys have it better than girls?

No, girls don't have to go to war and fight and die. Girls can do more then boys, but I agree boys do tend to be stronger than girls but it all depends on the Person. No one is really better.

Do girls cheat more than boys?

Although girls may cheat on boys as much as boys cheat on girls, it is often acknowledged that females form stronger emotional bonds than do males.

Do girls have Stronger emotions than boys?

yes boys and girls both have the same feelings. even though they are the opposite sex.

Why were boys treated better than girls in ancient China?

Boys were treated better because they were stronger and they could look after a house better than girls.

Are girls just as good as boys in sports?

yes they are actually in some sports girls are better than boys. Depending on the sport yes. There are several sports out there where girls are better than the boys. Though girls can be just as good or better than guys in some sports, the boys are naturally stronger making them better than girls at most sports.

5 reasons why boys are better than girls?

boys aren't better than girls we are all equal in God's waybut boys are more handsome we are strongerour fart doesn't smell bad

Are boys more better than girl?

Well, the excact science of that is that there are more girls in the worlds than boys and they are smarter but boys are stronger and bigger, usually.

Who is stronger boys or girls?

girls have better survival skills there more athletic and flexable they can also fight and knock you out with just a purse boys are a little flexable they good at survival to but they can fight but there to muscle tight so girls are stronger

Are boys stronger than girls at ages ten and eleven?

Boys and men are usually always stronger than girls and women in the upper an lower body regions unless afflicted by an illness or muscle disease. no what matters is that you can beat them girls ,because im a girl

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