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some use metle for under wire cover boobs.

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Is Lunaire Bras made by Victoria's Secret?

Lunaire Bras are not made by Victorias Secret. They are actually a company on their own, and their bras are specifically designed for full busted women.

When was the first Bras made?


Do girls wear bras?

well of course girls wear bras they are MADE for girls and women

When were sports bras made?

sports bras were invented in 1977 by a woman named Lisa lindahl.

Are underwire bras dangerous?

Underwire bras are not dangerous. However some are poorly made and uncomfortable.

Are there special bras to deal with leaking during advanced pregnancy?

There are bras that are made of more material to sustain an leakage.

What is your arm in french?

arm: brasmy arm: mon bras your arm: votre bras

Do guys prefer sports bras or regular bras?

i would say regular bras

When do you get bras?

we get bras when we get enlarged breasts and we wear bras to prevent it fro<m saging

Where does Taylor Swift get her bras?

The Bras Store

What is the french word for arm?

"arm" is "bras" (masc.) in French, "un bras", "le bras".

What does les bras mean?

"un bras" (plural: "les bras") means an arm in French.

What makes Bravado bras different from regular bras?

Bravado bras are different from regular bras because they are nursing bras with increased comfort. They are nearly invisible when worn under clothes and have nipple protection.

Are belly bras available for both men and women?

Belly Bras are made for women. They are a bra that also includes length below the bustline that supports the abdomen of pregnant women.

What is an approbate age to wear bras?

It is appropriate to wear bras as soon as your breasts develope to a point when they need support. Bras are not for vulgar purposes; unless they are specifically made for such things, they are only to support your body parts. I started wearing them around the age of ten or eleven.

What bras that should be worn to en hance cleavage?

Push-up bras or wired bras. Even bras that are too small for you will work., but I use push-up could try a water bra too.

What is a bra made out of?

Bras can be made out of different fabrics and new materials. The basics are cotton fabric, padding, elastic, and an underwire.

Are Wacoal Bras much more expensive than other name brand bras?

Yes Wacoal Bras are more expensive than other name-brand bras. This is because it has a very good quality that is make into the bras than other name-brand bras. However, if you are not comfortable with wearing Wacoal Bras due to their comfort, than it would be better to wear other name-brand bras as they are not judged by others.

Does Chantelle Bras sell minimizer style bras?

Yes chantelle bras do sell minimizer style bras. they can be found on many web sites like amazon, nordstrom, herrom, and bareneccessities. They sell the minimizer style bras as underwire.

What are open bras?

if you mean open cup bras they are a type of bra Im not sure what they are made for but I think they are supposed to make your boobs look bigger and they hold them up but they dont cover your breast.

Do chickens sometimes wear bras?

No, chickens do not wear bras.

When was Mart Bras born?

Mart Bras was born in 1950.

What is the population of Anglesqueville-la-Bras-Long?

The population of Anglesqueville-la-Bras-Long is 136.

Where can I find comfortable bras?

You can find comfortable bras at Wal-mart and Target. They sell cheaper comfortable bras. Victoria's Secret also has comfortable bras, but they are a little bit pricier.

Do sports bras come in different colors?

Yes, sports bras come in many different colors. If you like very colorful bras you should look into the bras available at