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How chemical changes are different then physical changes?

chemical changes change the properties of the substance such as burning it.. physical changes dont such as cutting it in half..

What is it called when a substance changes into a new substance and has new and different properties?

When a substance changes into a new substance with new and different properties, that is called a chemical reaction.

Are chemical changes and chemical properties the same thing?

No, they are two different things. A chemical property describes a substance's ability to change into a different substance; a chemical change is the process by which the substance changes.

Does a chemical reaction change physical properties or chemical?

it changes chemical properties

When a substance changes into another substance with different properties?

This is a typical chemical reaction.

Those properties of a substance that describe how it changes while being converted into a different substance?

These are called Chemical Properties.

Chemical changes in a substance result in?

They result in properties different from those of the original substances

Different between physical and chemical change?

In a physical change the object changes appearance but in a chemical change the object turns into something different with different properties.

How are chemical properties and chemical changes the same?

they both have a chemical in them

What is the difference between physical and chemical properties of matter?

Physical properties are properties that do notchange the nature of matter. Chemical properties are properties that do change the nature of matter.Physical changes are reversible. Chemical changes are irreversible.So a rusting nail and making toast would be chemical changes because they are irreversible.

What is the process in which substances undergo physical and chemical changes the result in the formation on new substances with different properties?

Chemical reaction

Properties that determine the chemical changes that a substance goes through are known as?

Chemical properties

What does a chemical change always do?

A chemical change always changes the chemical composition of the reactants to produce products with new and unique properties, different from the reactants.

When substances go throw chemical changes what will all ways happen?

One or more substances with different chemical properties will form.

What are the similarities and differences between physical and chemical properties?

Chemical changes include changing the matter physical changes do notchemical properties:reactivity with acidbonding tendenciescombustibilityphysicals propertiestemperature of boilingtemperature of meltingdensityIt is difficult to state the similarities as the two concepts are very different.

What is the relationship between the chemical properties of a substance and the chemical changes of a substance?

The chemical properties of an object show what a chemical change did to that substance.

Why is wood rotting a chemical change?

Rotting wood is a chemical change because the decomposed wood has different properties that cannot be reversed. Chemical changes alter the identity of a substance, whereas physical changes do not.

Can a chemical change make a new product?

All chemical changes make new products that are different from the reactants in their chemical and physical properties.

What is the relationship between chemical properties and chemical changes?

The chemical properties of a substance (chemical formula) are special characteristics that influence the chemical reactions of this substance.

Do chemical changes have new properties?


Can a physical change change the chemical properties of a substance?

Physical Changes can change the chemical properties of a substance

How are physical and chemical properties alike?

Physical properties are those that can be observed without changing the identity of the substance. The general properties of matter such as color, density, hardness, are examples of physical properties. Properties that describe how a substance changes into a completely different substance are called chemical properties. Flammability and corrosion/oxidation resistance are examples of chemical properties.

Why is Wood burns to form black charcoal a chemical change?

It changes properties.Physical Changes:Physical changes are changes in the appearance but not in the chemical properties. Some physical changes can be undone so the item can be put back to almost its past form.Chemical Changes:Chemical changes are the changes in chemical properties. Chemical changes also change in appearance and/or leave behind traces to prove that a chemical change occurred. Chemical changes create a new substance when they happen, e.g., cooking an egg. Chemical changes cannot be undone as the molecules, patterns and properties have been changed.How to tell them apart:The way to tell the difference between chemical and physical changes is by the changes that it went through. There may be clues that a chemical change appeared because of sound, light, gas production or an odour. A physical change does not involve any of these.

What are physical and chemical?

physical changes do not change the chemical properties of a substance

Does chemical changes change in the identity of a substance due to its chemical properties?