How are children educated in China?

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Well, firstly they are educated at home by everyone possible: parents and grandparents. Then at age 3 to five, they go to preschool. At 6 or 7 they go to primery school for a 6-year-long education, then they enter the middle school and high school which take 6 years totally. Then comes an extremely important exam and after that they go to college. This is the education for most of the Chinese children nowadays.
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How do children receive their education in the outback?

Families in the outback have a few options. Depending on their location, there is usually a primary school that they can attend for their early years. If this is not an option, the School of the Air is also offered (usually state run) where teachers communicate and teach children via radio contact. ( Full Answer )

What is the education in China like?

Compared to the education systems in western countries, theeducation system in China emphasizes more on tests and academicachievement, especially in the K-12 period. The typical educationprocedure a child in China would go through is like this:Kindergarten (age:4-6, 3 years); Elementary (age:6-12, 6 ( Full Answer )

What is Education level of China?

The national education in China starts at the age of 6. Children goto elementary schools for six years. Then they go to middle schoolsand then high school, each for three years. This 12-year period iscompulsory and mostly free. College and university study last for 4years and postgraduate education ( Full Answer )

What are the education and literacy levels of China?

Currently, 91 percent of the country has instituted compulsory primary education, with nearly 99 percent of school-age children are enrolled in schools. According to the latest statistics, by the end of 1998 there were 1,022 universities and colleges in China, with 3.41 million students, of which 1. ( Full Answer )

What is the education problems in China?

Education in China has got a name for its intensive learning hourand fierce competition. And from my view, this is the problem ofthe education system in China. Schools, parents and studentsthemselves pay too much attention to academic performance,literally the scores and ranking, but ignore the fact ( Full Answer )

Who was in charge of the education of the roman children?

Initially the mother was in charge of the children's education. After the very basics a decision would be made if the child would be sent to school or have a tutor. The father made the final decision. Of course, the length of the children's education depended upon the wealth of the family.

How were the children educated in indus valley?

The children of Indus Valley were educated by scribes, people who could read and write for a living, and also taught by priests , who taught the religion. It is believed that only the wealthy families sent their child to school.

What kind of education does China have?

Education in the People's Republic of China is a state-run system of public education run by the Ministry of Education. All citizens must attend school for at least nine years. The government provides primary education for six years, starting at age six or seven, followed by six years of secondary ( Full Answer )

Is education free in china?

Just like other countries, it depends on what kind of education youreceive and which level you are in. In China, there is a 9-yearcompulsory education which is free for all children. This includeselementary and middle school. Now the duration has been extended to12 years. (High school is added.) But ( Full Answer )

Is education in China free?

The Chinese government does not have enough financial resources to support everyone, so it creates a selective system based on who is worth having education.

What type of Education System does china have?

In China, the education is divided into three categories: basic education, higher education, and adult education. The Compulsory Education Law of stipulates that each child have nine years of formal education.

Why is education important for children?

Education is important for children because it helps them to learn and figure out what they want to be in the future. Once you have learned a lot, you can start earning money. So it is good to learn so you can have a happy family.

What is education in china like?

Well the teachers were always crowded by the amount of students and some times had to visit the child's house to tutor/teach them in some cases they would slap the child repeatedly with a males penis and balls until they cooperated

What is education for children like in Australia?

Education in Australia is horrible. At all the schools children commit suicide. Its really bad i dont recomend your child or you moving there, and sending your children there. You should home school them. Also they hit the kids so it makes them not wanna go to school and skip, so threrefore they don ( Full Answer )

Does everyone get education in china?

\nWell, no... mostly older generations in which they had less education or ruel areas in china to not get an education.

What was education like in ancient China?

Mainly boys got education, sometimes as scribes or warriors. Girls stayed home and did chores and learned how to take care of a good household.

Where does China rank in education?

China ranks number one in the world in education. The United Statesis ranked 17th in the world for education.

What was the education like for Sumerian children?

Only wealthy Sumerian boys got to go to school while the girls stayed home. The poor boys didn't go to school because they were to poo for it. I think the girls didn't go to school either

What was the education of Athens children?

It was that the girl kids stayed hame and learned skills like cooking, cleaning, took care of kids while the boy kids went to school for about 2-3 years and learned the basics

What education did children get in jesus' time?

Children didnt hve very good education because there was schools in jesus's time and the teachers werent very smart either so............ .Taylah.f n eliza.davies n Angy.mantle n taite.evans was here 2010

Was education important in ancient China?

Yes! Education was important to Ancient China! There was even a great school that only the smartest students could teach and learn at!

What kind of education did Jewish children get?

During the beginning of the holocaust, they were separated from other nationalities intp their own Jews only schools. All of the teachers were Jewish, as well. As the holocaust progressed on and Jews were taken to concentration camps, they had even less. In some of the better camps, they actually ( Full Answer )

What about special education in china?

They kill any babies that look funny or don't keep up with the rest of their peers. Can't waste your one baby limit on a retard.

Were children educated in 1800?

They were allways educated in one way or another. If you mean if they went to school then it depends on the country but in most countries they did.

How do people in china have education?

Their school systems function somewhat similarly to ours, save for the government having complete control of its intellectual properties and funding regulation. Children enroll through the government, attend, and graduate. Again, think our system, but under a communist authority.

Why children should be educated at school?

rather than a child studying at home it is better to study at a school.from school a child can get a higher education than studying at home

Did children in ancient Israel have an education?

Yes, most children went to school. Boys were educated until the age of 14 when they would then drop out to follow in their father's footsteps, working whatever job he had.

When do children learn about sex education?

I think children should learn about sex education at the age of eleven just because its then to late to tell about dangers about having sex.

How did Spartans educate their children?

Spartan Children were educated in a public school. All childrenwere required to take lessons, even the girls (which was veryprogressive for the time). Male students slept in the barracks ofthe schools and female students commuted from home. Studentspracticed physical education, learned about art, mu ( Full Answer )

How were children educated in ancient Rome?

Wealthy children [including middle class families] could have a tutor, often a Greek slave, who would teach the basics - history, arithmetic, poetry, astronomy, etc. There were also fee-charging schools leading to specialized education in speaking and law. The wealthiest could go to Greece to study ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of polygamy on children education?

Polygamy can be advantageous to a child's education, because they have more parents at home that can help them with homework. Polygamists' children can attend public or private schools, or be home schooled, so their education really does not differ from that of any other child.

Why educate children with disabilities?

Being educated enrich your life and people with disabilities work too and support themselves and their families. Some are teachers.

How were Hawaii children educated?

Most families can't afford schooling and the hawaiin government forbids educating the youth so there is a secret group of uncover teachers who use methods of vans and candy to attract students and educate them on the world. There are many the believe the illuminati are behind in the stopping of Hawa ( Full Answer )

What is the purpose of educating children?

Education is a must for everyone as it helps to develop your knowledge, skills and understandung that prepares you to live and cope in this world. Remember 'what the mind does not know the eyes cannot see'

How was west Africa children educated?

Sometimes Americans come and teach for charity. But mostly, when they are born the live in a hut called a Khwal (witch is made out of a mixture of mud and dung called Tu Khwal) . Here their parents teach them how to do farm work because farming is a way of life for them. Most children don't get a go ( Full Answer )

Do children have education in Brazil?

As in most countries, the level of education varies based on geographic, economic and social conditions. Brazil is home to some of the most remote regions of the world (think inner Amazon) and one of the largest cities as well (Sao Paulo) and since I cannot speak specifically to all regions I will g ( Full Answer )

Where were rich Victorian children educated?

As a rich Victorian, your children would have a governess who would give a basic education called the three Rs - reading writing and arithmetic. she would sometimes be a poorer relative. Girls were usually not educated longer than age 14 whereas their brothers were often sent away to school when abo ( Full Answer )

What is the educational philosophy in china?

Difficult to know, taking into account that China is completely isolated from the other (free) world... I doubt if any Chinese can even read this question here now...

Us children appreciate education?

Some children do like me but there are the other kids who don't care and think that it is not helpful at all.

What is the state of education in China?

The state of education in China is very good. Pupils attend school from age 6 until they are approximately 18. China has over 100 National Key Universities.

How does the education in China differ from education in the west?

The differences between Chinese and U.S. education matter in both countries, as students from the People_¾_s Republic surge onto American campuses. That includes BU, where Chinese students are the largest foreign contingent about 2,000 undergraduates and grad students, 6 percent of the total in a ( Full Answer )

How were children educated in the colonies?

The first school law in 1635 that stated that when an area reacheda set population a public school had to be established. The BostonLatin School was the first public school and the first taxsupported public school in North America was opened in Dorchester.Massachusetts in 1639. Colonist tried to tea ( Full Answer )