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Cleavage is the division or split

Another definition is the portion showing between a woman's breasts that is often supported by a bra.

An embryo is a human that is still forming inside the uterus of a woman.

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Q: How are cleavage and embryo different in meaning?
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The name for the type of cleavage in the mammalian embryo is called?

Rotational Cleavage

What does embryo mean?

After cleavage a zygote forms embryo until it is born or hatched .

As soon as the zygote begins growing and dividing it is called what?


Is the sea star embryo growing during cleavage?


Does the size of the embryo change as cleavage progresses?


By what process does the embryo divide with no increase in size?

Mitosis or cleavage

Describe the principal events occurring during the cleavage stages of the embryo?

Cleavage is a series of cell divisions that subdivided the cytoplasm of the zygote.

The series of cellular divisions by which the zygote becomes a multicellular embryo is known as?

The answer is Cleavage because Cleavage is the first mitotic divisions of the zygote. There is an increase in the number of cells but a decrease in size of the individual cells.

What is the correct sequence of development from zygote to embryo?

cleavage, morula, blastocyst, gastrula

What are the Physiological differences of cleavage between mammals and birds?

What kind of cleavage are you referring to? Cleavage could refer to a cleavage furrow during cytokinesis or to the splitting of cells in an embryo or to any other sort of separation. Please specify.

What is the importance of cleavage in embryonic development?

Cleavage produces the number of cells needed for the future organisation of the embryo, shifts and compartmentalises the egg material and balances out the nuclear and cytoplasmic material. Development is initiated by cleavage.

Successive cell divisions convert the zygote into a multicell embryo during?

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