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A contact line on a geologic map is noted by a solid or dotted horizontal line with breaks sectioned off by a small vertical line below it. A fault line is noted as a horizontal dotted line with wide dashes.

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What is the difference between depositional contact and fault contact?

depositional contacts occur between rocks that formed when sediments were deposited on other sediments.fault contacts are usually shown as thick black lines on geologic maps

What do contact lines indicate on geological maps?

Geologic maps show the distribution of various igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock. The contact lines seperate and mark the boundary between two adjacent geologic formations.

What is the difference between a geologic map and a topographic map?

Geologic maps are used to locate geological features such as layers of rock and fault lines. Topographic maps are used to see elevations.

Why is the edges of continental plates called fault lines?

In this sense, fault is a geologic term that does not refer to blame. It is an area where two distinct rock bodies move independently from each other.

How many fault lines are there in the world?

10 fault lines

Are there fault lines in Haiti?

yes there are fault lines in haiti

Fault or fault lines?

fault or fault lines are (things) that form from earthquakes that cause building to fall and the ground to shake.

Are fault lines caused by earthquakes?

No, fault lines cause earthquakes

Are there fault lines in Colorado?

There are suspected geological fault lines in Colorado, but it is my understanding that none of them are major fault lines. See the Related Link below for a map of Colorado earthquakes and suspected fault lines.

Do tornadoes follow fault lines?

No. Tornadoes have absolutely nothing to do with fault lines.

Do most earthquakes occur on fault lines?

Most earthquakes do occur on fault lines.

Are there fault lines in England?

Yes. England has minor fault lines but none that are major.

Where are North Carolina earthquake fault lines?

There are major and minor fault lines all over the United States. The two biggest fault lines that run through North Carolina are the Hayesville-Fries fault line and the Brevard Fault.

Show you a map of all US fault lines?

wheres all the canadian fault lines

What are the famous fault lines?

The Alipne Fault in N.Z

Do you have a map of the earthquake fault lines in the US?

Earthquake fault lines are a lines that mark all the known earthquakes in an area or region. Maps of these fault lines can be found on websites such as Google Image, Bing Image and Flickr.

What are the lines called when plates meet?

Fault lines

Where can you find maps of fault lines in Oklahoma?

The best site to find maps of fault lines is the USGS site. See the related link below for a USGS map of Oklahoma's fault lines.

How are fault lines important to fault block mountains?

Fault-block mountains form because of fault-lines. One side of a fault pushes over the other, causing blocks of rock to rise from the surface.

Where are fault lines normally located?

There are thousands of fault lines all over the world. A fault line is a surface trait of a fault. These are described as an intersection line found between the fault plain and the earth's surface.

Are there in fault lines in Arizona?

No there is not any fault line in Arizona.

Where are the fault lines in Texas?

St. Andres fault line

Are the appearance of tornadoes due to the earths fault lines?

No. Tornadoes are a weather phenomenon and have absolutely nothing to do with fault lines.

Does South Dakota have any fault lines?

No South Dakota does not have any fault lines!!! I beg to differ. I live in SD and I know for a fact that we have fault lines that do produce small earthquakes from time to time.

Are Geologic maps are most recognized by their colors?

Contour lines

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