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Q: How are conventional collegial and congenial supervision the same?
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Who is a person who is congenial?

A person who is congenial is someone who has the same mannerisms, interests or disposition as you or someone else. In short, it is someone that compliments you or someone you can more than likely get along with in harmony.

How is conventional sources of energy different from conventional sources?

Conventional sources are the same as conventional sources.

Is a conventional oven the same as regular oven?

That is what conventional means, yes

Any other words which mean the same as grateful?

Appreciative, indebted, obliged, thankful, beholden, pleasing, nice, refreshing, satisfactory, congenial...

Is parental control the same or different as Parental supervision?

no, control, is controlling, supervision is watching.

Is conventional banking same as commercial banking?


Are the conventional and electronic current the same?

No, conventional current is the flow of positive charge whereas current is actually the flow of negative electrons.

What are conventional rain from free Wikipedia?

conventional rain is the term of which it rains everyday at around the same time and the rain is really really heavy.

What is the difference between VA mortgage loan interest rate and conventional rates?

VA rates are about the same as FHA. FHA is about the same as conventional or within .25% of conventional. The key with VA is that you don't have any mortgage insurance premiums as you would with FHA and conventional loans when putting a downpayment of less than 20% when purchasing a home. VA is also a zero downpayment loan.

Who makes Blain's Farm and Fleet motor oil?

If it is the conventional oil it REALLY does NOT matter who makes it. Most conventional motor oils are the same. With conventional motor oil just use the recomended viscosity and change it often.

Why do you analyze electric circuit on the basis of the conventional current?

You can analyze it by either conventional or electron current, other than the sign they give the same answers. However it is convention to use conventional current, that is the way others will expect to see it done. That is also why it is called conventional current, it is the convention.

What are the differences in between conventional programming?

Um, one of its variables is both the same? :-)