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The idea behind the American Dream is that anything that you can and want to reach/do, you will be able to, if you work hard enough to reach that goal. In most cases that means you need some sort of an education to either do what you want or to deal with the people/organizations in the real world. If you don't have at least a basic education that becomes impossible and then without amazing luck, your dream is stopped by red tape. Your dreams are limitless if you are willing to do the work.


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The American Dream is to have free education, wealth, alcohol, drugs, porn, and fame.

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The American dream manifests itself many ways in the American life. For example, many people work hard to own a home and a car and get a good education.

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the american dream was mainly about working hard to get somewhere, in this poem frost says that the road that is most taking will lead you to a normal life, but the road less taken will lead you to a life that is successful, meaning for many the american dream.

It is not clear whether this question refers to a dream that occurred during sleep, or to the idea of "The American Dream," which is the aspiration to better one's self through education, hard work and financial success. Neither view refers to overcoming loneliness in any way.

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The American dream is very important. The American dream is to have fair rules and to have freedom. Our dream is too try to make children live an easier and fairer life. The American dream is to let people have their rights. The American dream is also used to help children have a bigger and brighter education. The American dream is for people to have freedom and to ease life. It is for people to stop being slaves. It is to have no more rulers. The American dream is also to stop having kings and for them to stop being lazy and have other people do things for them, and for the ruler to treat everyone fairly. The American dream gives people their rights. It lets everybody live in peace without those really harsh times. It gives people options and let's people express their selves.The American dream is for children to live a better life then our parents did. It is for everybody to have the chance to be intelligent. It is for schools to treat students better in the future.These are some of the idealistic values of the American dream- it's up to you to decide haw these idealistic values are associated with the materialistic- that is; are all of these ideas being put to use today, or are they illusory? Is the american dream just that- a dream?

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