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Tell more about education and American dream?


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what is the educated in American dream


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I think it would be more accurate to say that the American dream has proven to have some unintended consequences.

Earth and the American Dream (1992) More at IMDbPro»Check out this amazing documentary to take a deeper look at how land and the American Dream have intersected.

In American culture having an education can afford you more opportunities. With an education, you can get higher paying jobs.

The American dream is very important. The American dream is to have fair rules and to have freedom. Our dream is too try to make children live an easier and fairer life. The American dream is to let people have their rights. The American dream is also used to help children have a bigger and brighter education. The American dream is for people to have freedom and to ease life. It is for people to stop being slaves. It is to have no more rulers. The American dream is also to stop having kings and for them to stop being lazy and have other people do things for them, and for the ruler to treat everyone fairly. The American dream gives people their rights. It lets everybody live in peace without those really harsh times. It gives people options and let's people express their selves.The American dream is for children to live a better life then our parents did. It is for everybody to have the chance to be intelligent. It is for schools to treat students better in the future.These are some of the idealistic values of the American dream- it's up to you to decide haw these idealistic values are associated with the materialistic- that is; are all of these ideas being put to use today, or are they illusory? Is the american dream just that- a dream?

Chinese education focuses on basic subjects, while American education is more focused on creativity

In American the education system is becoming more inclusive for those with disabilities and English as a second language students. In schools, most children with disabilities and esl learners are spending more time in the general education classroom and being challenged to learn more.

This question probably refers to "dream" in the sense of one's hopes or ambition in life. In many cases, this sort of dream can become reality through hard work, self-discipline, good education and firm commitment.

The American Dream has not changed over the years, if reffering to the overall average dream of getting a job and living a good life. Though if you are reffering to the type of people who want the dream, it has changed, more and more people have been inspired since the great speech's of Dr. King. Ex: Dream act( illegal students who want to stay in this country), or other foreign peoples.

The dream jobs of teenagers typically require more education or work experience than they have at this stage of their lives.

It means that you are hoping that your relationship will become more serious. But your dream cannot tell you anything at all about HIS thoughts and feelings.

After World War II and because of the race with the Soviet Union to develop technology, American education became more focused on math and science.

In 1931 James Adams came up with the idea of the American Dream. Everyone can live a rich life, opportunities abound and the barriers of the past are not hampering progress. By the 1950's that dream changed to a house in the suburbs, a white picket fence, 2.5 children and a dog. By now it has changed dramatically and can hardly be called the American Dream any more

the lyrics for 'Dream' by Miley Cyrus are Do me a favor tell me what you think about me Tell me how you want this to be Go out on a limb and just dream Paint a picture Choose your colors extra wise Especially what you put on my mind Imagine what it'd be like to touch the sky, yeah, yeah Whoa oh, your thoughts are gonna pick me up Did you know it's good to feel so much Whoa, you got my head in the clouds Whoa, you got me thinking out loud The more you dream about me the more that I believe That nothings evers out of reach So dream, dream, dream I breathe your visions They pull me through the coldest of nights They steer me t'wards that moment in time When you show what it means for you to be mine, yeah Whoa, oh, you're giving me the will to try Do you know that there's happy in these eyes Whoa, you got my heads in the clouds Whoa, you got me thinking out loud The more you dream about me the more that I believe That nothings evers out of reach So, dream dream dream Ha, It's like my birthday, Everytime you look at me It's like the best day Everytime that you dream, yeah, yeah, yeah Whoa, your thoughts are gonna pick me up Do you know that its good to feel too much MUCH! Whoa, you got my heads in the clouds Whoa, you got me thinking out loud The more you dream about me the more that I believe That nothings evers out of reach So, dream dream Dream,Dream The more you dream about me the more I believe That nothing's ever out of reach So, dream, dream, dream Dream

Historically, the American Dream is about bettering oneself: the right to "the pursuit of happiness". The belief that the American Dream means living on welfare or social security (living off of someone else's work) began only in the latter part of the 20th century; as did the belief that a right to the pursuit of happiness is the same thing as a "right" to happiness itself.

because you might get the wrong answer that you dont want. There is no reason not to tell a bad dream, and some good reasons why you should. Describing a dream to someone else can help the dreamer put the dream into perspective. Scary things can be seen as quite funny when put into words. More importantly, another person might see a connection between the dream and some problem in real life, helping the dreamer to understand the dream.

According to the Oxford Dictionary website, dreamed or dreamt are both acceptable past tenses of dream. Dreamt is more common in British English, whereas dreamed is more common in American English.

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Either call it off with your fiance and go to your crush and tell them you like them or get more sexual with your fiance. That should help.

America has a more stable school system than India, and has more resources also

There really isn't much more than that - it simply means he will dream of you and when he feels comfortable if there comes a time he will share what he dreamt of .

There should be more free universal education because it would make the world a better place.

If a little dream is dangerous, dream much more, dream all the time.

they do impact more harm than good because some girls leave their education to purchase their dream and if they are not successful there is nothing to lean back on

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