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they have four big legs and two big ears

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What special features do elephants have that helps them to survive?

the special features that elephants have it the trunk it lets them drink and it also gives them nutrients

What is special about elephants?

it has 28 teeth

What special features do elephants have?

They have a trunk

What is special about a elephants environment?


What special features does an elephant have?

Elephants are cool

What is special about female elephants?

they like to have sex like me

What are elephants special features?

they have a trunk to breath through and to get nutrients

Do elephants use any special body parts to hunt or to build homes?

Elephants do not hunt, they are herbivores, and they do not build homes.

Does a African elephant have special markings?

Asian elephants special markings are the big ears which is more like their special facial feature.

What is special about elephants teeth?

they are special because they cost a lot of money if someone got hold of one

Crab is to claws as elephant is to what?

a crabs special feature is its claws, an elephants special feature is its trunk.The answer is trunk.

Why do Indians think elephants are special?

Elephants are a unique animal, and it is known that people from the Indian area are aware of that. But in India, the elephant is not revered as the cow is.

What is the African elephants Special Features?

African elephants have 2 finger-like features on the end of their trunk that they can use to grab small items

How do elephants survive special adaptations?

Some special adaptations that allow elephants to survive include their very thick hide which protects them from predators. They also have huge ears that allow them to hear danger at a great distance.

Do elephants have any special body parts that help them eat or build a homes?


Can elephants do anything special?

Yes, the elephant can pick up things with its trunk!!(:

Do elephants have any special skills?

Yes, they have a skill to listen the vibration of the earth.

What special quality do elephants have?

The elephant has a trunk. They also have tusks and extremely large ears. But I think the trunk is the most special about an elephant.

Who weighs heavier than an elephant?

two elephants 3 elephants 4 elephants 5 elephants 6 elephants 7 elephants 8 elephants 9 elephants 10 elephants 11 elephants 12 elephants 13 elephants 14 elephants 15 elephants 16 elephants 17 elephants 18 elephants 19 elephants 20 elephants 21 elephants 22 elephants 23 elephants 24 elephants 25 elephants 26 elephants 27 elephants 28 elephants 29 elephants 30 elephants

What animal is treated with special devotion and care by Hindus?

Cows, monkeys and elephants. Particularly cows.

Do elephants have any special features?

Trunks, ears, feet. They are the largest land mammals on earth.

Why do elephants explore skeletal remains of other elephants?

Elephants are very special animals. They are emotional animals and can pick up information about other elephants through chemicals. By sniffing another elephant, they can tell if it is a boy or girl, how it is feeling, if it is sick, etc. They can tell if they know this elephant, and will mourn its death by covering the body with leaves.

What are two special things about elephants?

1. Their tusks is special because they are worth thousands of money or even more. 2. They are the largest living mammal on earth.

What is the collective for elephants?

The standard collective nous for elephants are:a herd of elephantsa memory of elephantsa parade of elephantsa crash of elephantsa flock of elephants

How do they teach elephants to paint?

Well, few elephants can actually perform this skill.But, there are special trainers that work hard to teach the elephants. They can also do other things such as....Kick a soccer ball into a goalGive rides to people ;)And most commonly....Paint:)Hope this answers your question:)