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Ethics and law are the same in that you should abide by both. They are both restrictions on your behavior. Although ethics are a more personal choice.

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Q: How are ethics and the law the same?
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How are ethics the same as the law?

ethics talk about right and rong, same with the law

What is business law and ethics?

business law and ethics is law with ethics people must have good morals and obey the law.

Distinguish between ethics and the law in relation to media law and ethics?

The main difference between law and ethics is that law indicates what journalists must do while ethics indicate what they should do. The law governs their actions while the ethics guide them.

The differentiate between ethics and law?

The differentiate between ethics and law?

Is law more important than ethics?

Ethics come first, then the law is needed to uphold those ethics.

Convergence between law and ethics?

The law is based on the state to compensate for loss and punish those that have done misdeeds. Ethics is the moral conduct that cultures agree upon. The convergence of law and ethics is when ethics and law coincide.

What does a companys code of ethics cover?

Ethics and the law

What is cyber law and ethics?

cyber ethics ror kids

How ethics in business and the law are related?

Ethics and business in law a related due to law suits. Ethics and business must work along side each other for a sustainable business to reign within the law requirements.

What is the difference between law and ethics?

differences between law and ethic . A law is something you must obey. Ethics is how society expects you to behave.

Is ethics a specialized branch of criminal law?

No, Ethics is a branch of philosophy.

Ethics is the unwritten law written in the hearts of men?

ethics is great

Explain how ethics in business and the law are related How are they different?

Ethics is how you conduct yourself in business and law. Both of these need good ethics for people to trust and use your services.

How does ethics and law work together in the business world?

Much of the law is based on ethics. When a business operates ethically, they will not get in to legal trouble.

What is the difference between ethics and law?

Ethics and law help achieve order and discipline. Laws refer to established and written regulations by a governing body while ethics entail the norms set by a culture.

What is the difference in ethics and law?

Judge Dredd

What are the similarities between ethics and law?

People are confused that law and ethics are same things but they are different from each other. But they both maintaine moral values and keep preventing voilation. Law are written and aproved documents where as ethics also written words(most times) but they are not carrying legal status. Ethics helps a professional, practitioner and expert in following law. In any trade there are code of conduct and law as well and what expert describe that both mend to be obeyed. But unfortunately nobody following law in true manner. if the condition of law is that then expect whats the condition of ethics. it is also defined as "the descipline with what is good and bad or right and wrong or moral duty and obligation....While the LAW is an assumption is often made that what is right is also what is legal and what is legal is also what is right....

What is law enforcement code of ethics?

The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics is used by virtually every police agency in the country. it is, however, too big to cut and paste here. It is available thru any search engine as "Law Enforcement Code of Ethics."

What is the relationship of ethics and law?

Ethical values and legal principles are usually closely related, but ethical obligations typically exceed legal duties. In some cases, the law mandates ethical conduct. Examples of the application of law or policy to ethics include employment law, federal regulations, and codes of ethics.

Give and explain the differences between ethics and law?

ethics any set of moral principles or valueslaw the rule established by authority, society, or custom

Why is law and ethics so important in the pharmacy world?

Law and Ethics are important in the pharmacy world so that no one will abuse their authority to make and dispense medicines.

What has the author Arthur Isak Applbaum written?

Arthur Isak Applbaum has written: 'Ethics for Adversaries' -- subject(s): Ethics, Adversary system (Law), Professional ethics, Political ethics

Is an example of a type of ethics imposed by law onto a professional organization?

Employment law is an example of a type of ethics imposed by law onto a professional organization. A dress code could be another example.

What has the author Marianne Jennings written?

Marianne Jennings has written: 'Foundations of the legal environment of business' -- subject- s -: Business law, Commercial law 'Business' -- subject- s -: Business ethics, Business law, Commercial law 'The New York Times Guide to Business Law and Legal Environment' 'Business ethics' -- subject- s -: Business ethics, Case studies 'A Business Tale' -- subject- s -: Miscellanea, Business ethics, Choice - Psychology -, Success in business 'Business' -- subject- s -: Business law, Business ethics, Commercial law 'Foundations of the legal environment of business' -- subject- s -: Business law, Commercial law 'Business and the legal environment' -- subject- s -: Business law, Commercial law

What is the relationship between business ethics and the law?

When considering the ethics of a certain situation in business, the law could easily come into play. Bad business ethics could lead to making decisions that are not only immoral, but also illegal.