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How are fluids used in slurries?


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they explode and its cool

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Pump is a mechanical equipment used for transportation of liquids and slurries by mechanical means.

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The body fluids shift out of the blood vessels and into the interstitial space. These fluids are used for re-hydration.

It can be used as just a fun experiment for kids learning what non newtonian fluids are. It can also be used to show what viscous elastic fluids are.

Fluids are used to output useful work that is used in a turbine.

They are gases, usually air.

un used fluids .........................why do you have to pee?

You can measure fluids in beakers, graduated cylinders or liquid measuring glasses. It depends on what you're measuring and why.

Polyethylene tubing are used in laboratories and industry to transport fluids.

The viscometer is an instrument used to determine the viscosity (kinematic and dynamic) of fluids.

the fluids used to dry-clean pick up grease while water cannot

Otto H W. has written: 'Application of Bowen's method for cement slurries'

yes, gases and liquids are fluids. this term is usually used when referring to resistance since frictio occurs in solids.

what is a powerful evacuator used to remove fluids from the oral cavity during a surgical procedure in dentistry?

no, it is used to get fluids out of your body. it will only increase the incontinence

Fluids are used in Hydraulics - fluids are essentially incompressible - they transmit forces well (e.g. a car bottle lack) Gases are used in pneumatics - gases are compressible - you can therefore store energy in a pneumatic system (e.g. a car tyre)

united technologies in conn. is using134a but I would like to know if other fluids are being used..... and who is doing it....

Newtonian Fluids Non-Newtonian Fluids

hydraulics, used to power devices using high pressure fluidsfluidics, used to implement digital logic functions (i.e. replacement for digital electronics) using fluids

Intravenous fluids or IV fluids is the medical term for fluids into the veins.

A medical instrument used to inject fluids into the body or draw them from it.

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