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We have hearts, lungs, digestive systems, and brains.

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How Are Frogs Similar to Humans Internally?

Frogs are similar to humans internally by organs, skeletal system, and muscular system.

Do frogs fertilize externally or internally?

frogs are born externally

Why do frogs produce hundreds of eggs and humans produce one?

Because frogs eggs are released into the environment (where predators will eat most of them) while human are developed internally (where they are safe).

How is a frogs digestive system similar to humans?

No (source, frog expert)

Does a frog breathe from lungs?

yes frogs have a similar internal anatomy to humans

What physical features do frogs and humans share in common?

Frogs and humans both have similar body systems. They both have sensory organs such as eyes, a mouth, a tongue and legs.

How are frogs and humans digestive system similar and different?

both a human's and a frog's digestive system are similar expt for the fact that frogs swallow food by bulging their eyes in.

What physical features are similar in frogs and humans?

Humans and frogs both have skin, eyes, ears, arms and legs, muscles and tendons, teeth, tongues, toes and reproductive organs.

How is the frogs forelimbs similar to humans?

It is similar to humans as frogs uses its forelimbs mainly for holding thing at times, like preys,trees or plants on which they are sitting. They use there forelimbs to eat or hold insects once hey catch them through there tongue

Which frog organs are similar to a humans?

The whole frogs digestive and respitory systems are the same as ours.

Why are frogs are considered an ideal specimen in the study of general zoology?

since the function and the organs found in frogs is similar to the humans, frogs are considered an ideal specimen int he study of zoology.

What type of respiratory system do frogs have?

The respiratory system of frogs is similar to humans, but there are some differences. For example, frogs lack a diaphragm. They are also able to breathe through their skin, as well as their lungs.

What are the similaraties of the frogs limbs and the humans limbs?

They are both unusally strong for their size, and they have similar muscle style.

How are human organs similar to frog's organs?

They are similar because frogs and humans have the same body systems but frogs are only smaller version of human. frogs do not have all the same systems. instead of having the excretory and reporductive systems they have the urogenital system, which is a combination of the two

Where are veins located in frogs?

Frogs have circulatory systems that are very similar to that of humans so veins are used for the samepurposes and are needed anywhere where blood circulation is required.

How are Frogs are similar to humans externally?

we both have legs, arms, eyes, noses, mouths, toes, and also skin

What are the differences in the frogs pharynx and the humans pharynx?

A frogs pharynx is twice the size of a humans

Why do people dissect frogs?

Frogs are easy to obtain, easy to dissect, and are more similar to humans, than say worms, another choice. I still think its sad, though.

Do humans have fat bodies like frogs?

No humans do not have fat bodies, like frogs, humans store their fat in slabs.

Do frogs belong to the same phylum as humans?

Frogs and humans both belong to the phylum Chordata.

What are the similarities of the glottis between humans and frogs?

I have heard that a frogs glottis is larger than a humans...

What are all the animals that reproduce internally?

Humans and mammals reproduce internally along with some reptiles

Difference between the frogs small intestine and humans?

frogs intestine doesn't have a villi like humans.

What are the differences between frogs epiglottis and a humans?

Frogs have to push food down their throat with their eyes, and humans do not.

Can frogs and humans nurse their young?

Frogs do not. Only mammals