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Well, Girls have Breasts, and they have a vagina! And, Boys have no breasts, and they have a penis!

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2009-07-25 21:32:32
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Q: How are girls and boys so different?
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Why are boys so different from girls?

boys always get there puberty second so they grow taller than girls but boys have a hard time showing girls that they like them.

What is so different about boys then girls?

penises and vanginas

Are girls the same as boys?

Girl and boys are so not the same. They are different in so may ways.

Why do boys have different private parts than girls?

Girls and boys have different privates so they when they are born we can tell what sex they are. (If they are a girl or a boy).

Why do girls cheat on boyfriends?

every one has a different opinion but i think that boys cheat on girls. but i am a girl so boys might have a different opinion

Do aspergers boys like girls?

Boys with aspergers are regular boys they just have a different way of thinking and responding. So yes they do like girls.

Should boys and girls be in separate classes?

No, because boys and girls are the same but a different gender so they don't have to be separate in classes so its OK!

Are the causes of stress different for boys and girls?

boys are different to girls but I think that the causes are similar

How are Jewish boys and girls different?

They are different in the same way that non-jewish boys and girls are different.Jewish boys and girls have different customs than their non-Jewish counterparts.

Was education different for girls or boys?


Why are boys so mentally different?

Many parents believe that boys and girls are mentally different. Some believe that it is in the DNA make up that boys act so different and active than girls. What part of the DNA makes that difference scientists havenÕt discovered that yet.

How is Jewish boy and girls are differ?

Jewish boys and girls are different in the same way that non-Jewish boys and girls are different.

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