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Depending on the destination, goods are moved by rail, truck, air or ship...just like anywhere else.

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What did Nova Scotia have to give in the Confederation?

Nova Scotia gave the confederation more goods and the trads that other things did not have

Is nova scotia a country?

No , Nova Scotia is not a country, Nova Scotia is a Province of Canada.

What important thing happened in Nova Scotia?

in nova scotia there was a war in nova scotia

What is the capital of Nova Scotia?

The capital of Nova Scotia is Halifax.

What country is Nova Scotia in?

Nova Scotia is part of Canada.

What is the population for Nova Scotia?

The population for Nova Scotia is 940,000.

Where is Halifax in Nova Scotia or in saint John?

Nova Scotia

What do they eat in Nova Scotia?

what do they eat in Nova Scotia

What is the captital of Nova Scotia?

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia.

Who is the mayor of Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia is a province, not a town or city, so it does not have a mayor. The premier of Nova Scotia is Darrell Dexter.

What are the people called in Nova Scotia?

The people of Nova Scotia are called Nova Scotians. =D

Animals in Nova ScotiA?

The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

How many people in Nova Scotia?

There is 873,199 people in Nova Scotia

Kilometers from wolfville nova scotia to shelburne nova scotia?


Is Nova Scotia part of US?

No Nova Scotia is not in the United States.

What is Nova Scotia like?

Nova Scotia is located on the eastern part of Canada. The capital of Nova Scotia is Halifax.Halifax is the biggest city in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is a colder area because it IS up North also, at least 2 of its sides are surrounded by the Atlantic ocean.

What is the distance from Sydney Nova Scotia to North Sydney Nova Scotia?

North Sydney Nova Scotia is 14.5 miles from Sydney, NS.

Date Nova Scotia joined Canada?

Nova Scotia did not 'join' Canada. Nova Scotia was one of the original four provinces of Confederation.

How many kilometers from new Glasgow Nova Scotia to sherbrooke Nova Scotia?

Do you mean Sherbrooke Quebec? I have not found a Sherbrooke in Nova Scotia

Why does Nova Scotia imports more motor vehicles?

Nova Scotia imports automobiles because we don't manufacture automobiles in Nova Scotia.

What has the author Charles J Townshend written?

Charles J. Townshend has written: 'History of the Court of Chancery in Nova Scotia' -- subject(s): History, Courts, Equity, Nova Scotia. Court of Chancery, Nova Scotia 'History of the Court of Chancery in Nova Scotia' -- subject(s): Courts, History, Nova Scotia. Court of Chancery, Nova Scotia

Is Nova Scotia an island that is a province in Canada?

AnswerNova Scotia is a Canadian province but it is not an island. If you look at any map, you will see that Nova Scotia is connected to New Brunswick. Cape Breton, part of Nova Scotia, is an island situated off the north edge of mainland Nova Scotia.

How far is Kingston nova scotia from tatamagouche nova scotia?

About 200 km.

What borders Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia has a land border with New Brunswick.

Distance between Halifax Nova Scotia and Bridgewater Nova Scotia?

About an hour.

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