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They grow best when planted by people and then cultivated. I just planted a root stock 20 inches long in very poor soil 3 weeks ago. I harvest the stock from a vineyard in Berriebn Springs Michigan. There are grape clusters already growing on the vines at the root stalk and one is even coming out of the ground. As a root out of dry ground! This vine has a strong will to live and bear fruit.

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What does the place called where the grapes are grown?

Grapes are grown in a vineyard.

How are grapes produced?

Grapes are grown on a vine.

What do we call the place where grapes are grown for wine?

the place where grapes are grown is called vineyard

Do grapes come from Asia?

No. Grapes in America are usually grown in America. I know a lot of grapes are grown here in California.

Were do green grapes come from?

Green grapes are also considered white grapes. Grapes are grown on vines, and they might be grown in Italy, or in California. White and green grapes are the same, while red and purple grapes are similar as well.

Where do grapes grown?

A vineyard.

Where are grapes grown?

Most Temperate climates will grow grapes and they are grown in most countries with temperate climates.

Where are grapes grown today?

Grapes are foung in all over the world.

What do you call a place where the grapes grown?

The place where grapes are grown is known as a Vinyard. The place where wine is made is called a winery.

What fruit is grown by viticulturist?


What is in a vineyard?

Grapes are grown in a vineyard

What is grown in Egypt figs apples dates or grapes?

dates, figs and grapes

What does grapes of wrath mean?

grapes grown in California and the people who cant find work are angry the grapes of wrath

How do seedless grapes grow?

Seedless grapes are produced by grafting various plants together. They are usually commercially grown and not grown by the home gardener.

How are grapes related to Rome?

there are a lot of grapes and olives grown in Rome as well as olives

What do you call the place where grapes are grown?


What can grapes be grown for?

Eating, drinking, or cooking.

What food is grown or produced in France?


Are grapes grown on trees?

No they grow on vines.

What is growing on vineyard?

Grapes are grown on vineyard.

Where are rainbow grapes grown?

In the rainbow forest...

When were grapes first grown?

like in 2012

Where is Merlot grapes grown?

In Merlot in France

What food is grown in Auckland?

grapes for wine

Where are some fruits grown?

figs apples dates and grapes figs apples dates and grapes

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